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e-Commerce website

The crux of the matter is that the e-Commerce website has to have the human touch of the human salesman. This is achieved through a process termed ‘personalization’. “Personalization technologies...

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Making e-Commerce Work

e-Commerce is not simply the hosting of a website with the company catalog for the content. There is however no doubt that the website is the heart of any e-Commerce...

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e-Commerce changes

The basic shift experienced when changing over from conventional brick-and-mortar business to e-commerce is the one from the physical marketplace to the digital cyber ‘marketspace’. Obviously, the first step in...

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e-Commerce and Marketing Technology

Introduction The unprecedented development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the last two decades has resulted in the application of ICT tools and services in almost all walks of...

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Business requirements

One major ongoing goal of Bandag is to provide the best customer service possible. National accounts are very important to Bandag’s business model and they are a major focus in...

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E-commerce and Globalization

1) Check the internet about the company you chose. Check the websites as well. How is e-commerce applied in the organization? Answer: Dell has been chosen as an organization for...

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E-Commerce Systems

Usability is referred to as the ease of using some thing and your website usability can also be called your legacy. Website usability has support from main IT (information technology)...

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E-Commerce Company

Several online companies are utilizing e-commerce in order to increase their profits and income. There are issues behind the implementation of e-commerce strategy in order to achieve positive results such...

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Business customer relationship

E-business involves capitalizing on technologies to improve performance and creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Business modeling technique is a plan of how business operations will be carried on and how...

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