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Economic development

Changes in social values accompanying economic development have led to the questioning of these prerogatives. Typical problems are the inability to attract and retain qualified employees, grievances, strikes, covert resistance...
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Economic growth

The entailing of the child labor in the international business was viewed diversely by all the respondents. Economic growth and development were related to the existence of practice of child...
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U. S. level of economic

It is intended to describe a few critical elements of the achievement motive’ which would be helpful to expatriate managers. These critical elements are relevant from the standpoint of corporate...
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Economic theories

In the course of rendering service to clients, it demands that the organisation is intimated with its customers to know how to effectively satisfy them. The Footsteps business engages in...
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Production economics findings

Overall, а results offer evidence that economic factors can play а significant role in а decision-making processes of bank managers. Production and transaction economies affected ARE outsourcing choices; surprisingly, financial...
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International management case study

Written Submission Q. 1 Current Issues Facing Singapore Business must have a social purpose; business concerns must discharge social responsibility and social obligations and have social commitment. Otherwise, business cannot...
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Economic integration

Economic integration will impose demands on entrepreneurs and managers against which the adoption of more modern management techniques in their existing companies and for their existing markets may look like...
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