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Employees of XYZ Company

This study investigated the perceptions on the present recruitment and selection procedure. The study sought to identify the strengths and limitations of the current HR functions and to evaluate it...
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Employee Relations

Hiring the right people is very important. It saves both time and money. The hiring process should not only last as quickly as 15 minutes, as the qualifications of an...
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New employee orientation

After successful selection of the employee and acceptance by him/her your job offer, the next most important this is his/her first working day, that will be employee orientation day. Welcome...
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Boeing and Employee Retention

When Boeing relocated its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago, its employees were faced with the decision of whether to leave or stay put. Aside form that, they likewise had to...
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Employee Turnover

In the organization, the way of planning and implementing the business plan and the preferences and priorities are defined as its Culture. The organization is offered with some skills in...
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Employee-centric organization

Managers do meet challenges when operating in a diverse environment, because Wal-Mart has traditionally been an organization that has spent a lot of time in court in discrimination suits. “WM...
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Employee Pseudo-Benefits

Lieff Cabraser represents separate classes of hourly wage earners at Wal-Mart in the States of Washington and New York who allegedly have been forced to work "off-the-clock" which obviously work...
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