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Employee Relations

“Where organizations adopt a partnership approach, trade union representatives can work with management to encourage good practice and help employees to be realistic. ” 1. Introduction War and chaos is...
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Employee representation in Australia

There are various arguments against establishment of works of council in Australia. For instance, John Buchanan argues that there would be overwhelming of legislators’ ambitions by the labour market context...
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Handling for employee’s benefits

With regards to issues on handling for employee’s benefits such as sick leaves since most industries monitor sick-absences in details, not just to reduce costs associated with long term use...
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Employee Performance Management

Establishing Performance Goals, Performance Plans, Observation and Feedback, Evaluating Performance, Rewarding Performance, Recognizing Performance Problems ("Performance Gaps"), Performance Improvement / Development Plans, Staffing, Firing Employees Employee Development: Career Development, Leadership...
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Employee Retention & Engagement

The difficulty that we have today in finding and keeping the skilled employees who make us successful is the result of a revolution. The revolution is our new understanding of...
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Employee Performance

The researcher, as mentioned earlier is going to utilize both research work and actual interview in completing this study. Hence, in this section, the interview process is presented. The interview...
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Employee Development

HP. com (2008) states that HP is involved in welcoming employees of different races, way of life, age group, skill and specialization. It wants its employees to contribute their best...
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