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Financial performance

Diversity has the potential to yield innumerable benefits to organizations. First and foremost, Ollapally and Bhatnagar (2009) have asserted that organizations with a diversified workforce are typically endowed with multiple...

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Financial results

One of the ways that the government have in regulating companies is to have a standard way of reporting financial statements. This is typically called as the “Generally Accepted Accounting...

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UBS Financial Services

Formerly known as UBS PaineWebber, UBS Financial Services is the result of the 2000 merger of Swiss banking colossus UBS and venerable brokerage PaineWebber. UBS later dropped PaineWebber from its...

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The Financial Side

Be it in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market is catching attention from all throughout the world. The following are some excerpts identifying how some...

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Financial engineering

Financial engineering is a market strategy involving development, design, implementation of innovative financial processes and instruments and also the process of formulating solutions full of creativity in case of financial...

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Financial information’s system

Financial information’s system is a term for a system that analyzes and accumulates financial data to formulate good financial management decisions in running a business. The over all and primary...

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Preventing Financial Problems

We are all faced with financial problems ranging from individual level to the state level. Debt problems, low monthly payment or lacks of employment are some of the financial problems...

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Turkish financial sector

In order to arrive at a better understanding of how this principle is applied to the banking industry it is important to first take a brief look at how this...

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Japanese economy enters recession

TOKYO: Japan, the world's second-largest economy, has officially slipped into recession, hurt by weak export growth and steep cuts in corporate spending amid the worsening global slowdown, the Japanese government...

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