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Government Collection Database

The article focuses on giving a blow-by-blow account of the status of storage virtualization in the real world, its benefits, and the factors hindering its growth. Virtual storage refers to...
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Finance assistance

The building required by the university should be large enough to be able to accommodate the students in all the departments. Stone buildings will be appropriate because of how long...
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Type of Government

The government type of Turkey is a republican parliamentary democracy. Turkey has gained its independence in 29 October 1923 as successor state to the Ottoman Empire. It has its executive...
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Government intervention

Ferrari cars are known for their quality, and over time it has created a brand that cannot be offered by any other car dealerships. It has monopoly over the brand--...
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Ethics in Municipal Government

Jan Perkins (2007) has recently carrier out a review on how leaders can participate in ethical culture formation in the municipal government. The modern day municipal government has the goal...
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The Newly Elected Rudd Government

The Rudd government has ratified the Kyoto Protocol. It also plans to work with the international community on combating climate change. The new Australian government's foreign policy is likely to...
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Government organization

Systematic rules are to be followed by the auditor when performing audits for ensuring the accuracy, consistency and verifiability of auditors' actions and reports. These systematic rules are called as...
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Federal and local government

After studying and compiling data, the academe, social institutions, federal and local government have produced a likely profile of a female youth offender. These characteristics do not apply to every...
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Command Economy

Command Economy Command economy is a type of economic system, in which government takes the control over the production factors and all decisions are made up by them. The government...
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Government entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is chiefly associated with the private business zone, run solely by an individual or by two. However, Government support becomes vital for them to run their business. Certain beneficial...
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