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IT industry

This study will be conducted using the quantitative research method. Quantitative research answers questions concerning relationships using measured variables to explain a selected subject. It also involves an analysis of...
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Future Predictions of IT industry

“The key for the future of the development of the Information Technology is the wireless technology which enables the user to use and access his computer or Internet where ever...
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The Department of Trade & Industry

In assessing the outcomes of the work-life balance initiative of the UK government, Stevens, Brown & Lee (2004) conducted a study on the progress of work-life balance programs in the...
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UK Mobile Phone Industry

This report provides a comprehensive environmental analysis of the UK mobile phone industry, including a PESTLE analysis of the industry environment, an assessment of the prevalent competitive forces using Porter’s...
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Financial industry

Considering regulatory intervention, there must be a market failure that relates to the objectives of financial regulation and the livelihood that such interventions will provide a net benefit. We have...
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