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The Air Transport Industry

The United States and European air transportation industries are one of the key sectors that boost their economy. In US about forty two percent of all passenger trips with roundtrip...
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Overview of the Airline Industry

The airline industry is a multimillion dollar business which forms one of the major contributors of the economic growth of most developed countries. Additionally the industry is tightly linked with...
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Second Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution had started in Great Britain in the second half of 18th Century. This phase covered the period from 1760 to 1880 and was marked by great...
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Industry Analysis

An industry is a segment of the economy that is concerned with the production of goods and services. In the airline industry, production is mostly of the aircrafts and the...
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Airline Industry

The first airplane to successful take a flight was by the Wright brothers in December 17 1903. Actual facts from the ‘Air craft year book for 1934’ www. hse. govt....
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Industry Research Completion

The airline industry is one of the most interesting industries that can pose as a field of study for students and economic observers. Some reasons are its global scope, its...
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Industry Research

This article “grounded by war” gives the effects of the war in Iraq as presented by Mark Gerchik formerly an employee of the department of transportation. He attributes the 8....
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Industry Environment

Edutech-int (2008) is an IT consulting firm which is engaged in systems development and planning activities to build information system for the clients. It has the following features: • Strong...
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