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Insurance contract law

Introduction The stringency of the doctrine of utmost good faith in English insurance law, though well known has nevertheless attracted a great deal of criticism. It makes it mandatory for...
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Law and Economics

According to Milton Friedman, corporations are responsible for using their shareholders funds in profitable ways. According to this view, the provision of public services is a matter for elected representatives....
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Final exam

Final exam Answer # 1 In the instant case, the legal issue before us for consideration is whether BetterGrass has a cause of action or right to sue against any...
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Business Employment Law

There is no doubt that our need for more workers in the company is inevitable due to the increasing demand of production and expansion of our projects. The manpower that...
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Legally Binding Contracts

Legally Binding Contracts First and foremost, the advertisement placed in the newspaper by Kelly, constitutes an invitation to treat. This is due to the fact that the terms of the...
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Copyright Infringements

                                               Copyright Infringements Making an assessment of the first article from a deontological perspective, one can not say that Napster’s operation is not ethical. From the information that was provided,...
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British Business Law

A contract is an agreement between two or more persons, which is intended to create legally binding obligations. The word binding is used for there are some contracts which are...
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The Law of Contract

The Law of Contract can be defined as an agreement containing a promise or promises which can be enforceable by law. Sir John William Salmond a legal scholar defined a...
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