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Best leadership style and managers

A new era began in 1987 when former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev initiated the policies of Glasnost, which provided openness and opportunities for critics, and perestroika, which promoted a restructuring...
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Impact of Leadership

Leadership is an important aspect of managing. The ability to lead effectively is one of the keys to being an effective manager. Leaders act to help a group attain objectives...
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Research on Leadership

There are research work on Leadership such as GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. ) This has been going on for a long time to study the variation and similarities...
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Leading and Managing People

Leading and Managing People   Executive Summary   The aim of the assignment was to collate a portfolio of media articles relating to three current topics in human resource management...
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Leadership competencies

Abstract This research paper is intended to explore the various leadership competencies that have been researched upon and found sound and working in the field of leadership. The basic assumption...
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Leader Manager

  Leader/Manager Leadership accountability is a vital component in any organization.  For an organization to achieve its set goals and objectives efficiently and effectively leaders have to be responsible of...
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Leadership & relationships

Leadership is all about relationships. Unless this truth is recognized, no real and sustainable changes will be implemented. The first thing to do to break this cycle, as the authors...
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Heroic leadership

As discussed, there are many reasons why the heroic leadership must be avoided, especially in an educational institution. Firstly, heroic kind of leadership may not help in achieving quality education....
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Leadership Trap

Bradford and Cohen offered a solution on how to break the vicious cycle and solve the problem of heroic leadership. They introduced a new paradigm termed as post-heroic leadership. This...
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