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The successful project team

The successful project team The dream of any project manager is for the project to be completed on schedule and at the same time, coming through with something intimately close...

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Working Capital Management

An economic activity adding value to goods or services and making these available to customers to satisfy their needs can be termed a business activity. An organisation or establishment carrying...

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Value Management Process

The value management process involves three phases: The first being the orientation and diagnostic phase, followed by the workshop phase and finally the implementation phase. This order is very specific...

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Value Management Study

The world’s business environment has become highly competitive that for any organization to survive and thrive it must seek avenues to maximize performance, productivity and value for stakeholders and clients....

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Global Talent Management

The most significant of all production resources is the human resource due to its dynamic status as compared to the rest of the resources, which are static in nature. It...

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Value Chain Management

Based from the overall experiences of the companies that shifted to value chain management, they really testified based on the article of WMEP, that they have been experiencing improvement in...

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