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History of Management

This paper describes the concept and basic approach to total quality management. Quality is examined and explained in the context of continuous customer's satisfaction and total quality management by involving...
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Management & Staff Interaction

There are many issues of trust and conflicts between the management and staff. At times, managers do not trust his or her staff to do the job effectively and efficiently...
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Data Base Management System

There are three fundamental components f Decision Support Systems are essentially made up of three basic elements: Data Base Management System (DBMS): The DBMS is the databank for the DSS....
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A Digital Rights Management works

A Digital Rights Management works in three levels: establishing a copyright for a piece of content, managing the distribution of that copyrighted content and controlling what a consumer can do...
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Digit Rights Management

As they say “Change is the only constant in this world”. This is true for all aspects of life especially in the field of Information and Communications Technology. Change happens...
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Effective Supply Chain Management

Supply chain should be managed according to the unstable economic environment in which a business operates. The effective management of supply chain proves many benefits to the business especially by...
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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is defined as managing the systematic process of transferring of goods and services from supplier to the different intermediaries such as wholesales and distributors and ultimately reaching...
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Business Management

In today’s business world following a code of conduct, making ethical business decisions, and being socially responsible are three key factors each company must follow to maintain successful. These three...
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