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SEG Manager

There seems to be an inherent cultural issue here as the SEG Manager is not taking these accusations seriously and when confronted with this in a meeting between the President,...
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A manager is not necessarily a leader

In most organizations, leaders and managers have distinctly different roles. A manager will assume a broader set of functions. It is not necessarily to exclude managers from leadership, but management...
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Why Are Managers Needed?

Organizations undergo structuring and transformations. Business reorganization comes with culture change. Managers have significant roles in every transition. They become change managers tasked with efficiently and effectively driving the business...
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Financially Secure Property Manager

This participant has a German-Italian ethnic background and was born in Austria. She currently resides in Australia where she is able to work at home as the Property Manager for...
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IT Project Manager

This paper will be discussing the competence of an IT Project Manager. This paper will describe the characteristics, skills, importance of this competency, and how exercising this competency makes an...
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Characteristics of a Good Manager

A “manager” is that person who works in an organization so that human and material resources may be effectively used to achieve the desired objectives. He is like an athletic...
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Am I an ethical manager?

The article starts strong, immediately engaging the reader with the question “am I an ethical manager? ” It is thought provoking, because after the reader is expected to answer “true”...
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