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Human resources Manager

Interviewer – welcome to this interview process, my names are Catherine Kiarie the human resources Manager, of this Non governmental Organization specifically dealing with the plight of the immigrants to...
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Development officer/manager

Aside from these skills, HR officers must be aware on business issues, must have knowledge and comprehension on UK and EU legislation. Interest in different aspects of management, people development,...
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The top twenty-first-century manager

From the viewpoint of the persons being considered for transfer, studies advocate that two specific factors - in addition to a strong personal interest in the foreign experience, typically based...
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How You Be a Good Manager

The pursuit of a firm's goals, aims and objectives through the utilization of hominid, monetary and tangible capital is defined as management. This process of integrating the various factors of...
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Relationship Manager

Hay’s Approach is all about the proper combination of knowledge, skill and experience to do a job. This means that a job holder or a candidate must be qualified enough...
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