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Market capitalization

To test whether share prices exhibit long memory and/or linearity, a variety of techniques are applied to the time-series of the top 25 and bottom 25 (by market capitalization) companies...

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UK Stock Market

The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) states that at any given time, security prices fully reflect all available information. This means that all people “playing the market” are not doing anything...

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The Housing Market

The question now is how do all these relate to first time buyers or those who still dream of owning a home? When is the right time to buy? Is...

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US Housing Market

I. Overview of the current US Housing Market. (Introduction of what the paper is about) The US housing market has always been regarded as a barometer or primary indicator where...

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Developing Market Strategies

This essay includes the marketing strategies involved in the positioning of a Flat Panel Plasma TV, along with the marketing mix that is used to attract and satisfy the target...

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Market Segmentation

There are many types of consumers in the market. Even through the consumers share one category of market segmentation, there are still many factors that the marketers need to consider...

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Efficient Market Hypothesis

The basic idea underlying the efficient market hypothesis is the notion that the information which has an impact on the market behavior is incorporated in the equity prices. It further...

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