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IT Employment Market

IT professionals at present are facing more and more challenges in updating systems to make them more efficient and cost-saving. Along with the challenge is the opportunity to create systems...
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International finance

Intercontinental trade, business, and investments have developed at an enormously swift rate in current years, and the functions of corporations have become progressively more multinational. According to Callum Henderson, in...
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Supply, Demand and Market equilibrium

In their distinguished book ‘Economics’, McConnell and Brue define demand as ‘a schedule or a curve which reflects or rather shows the amounts of a product that consumers are willing...
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Subprime Market

Subprime mortgages are loans offered to borrowers not entitled for market interest rates because their inability to demonstrate that they have sufficient income to bear the monthly payment on the...
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Insider trading

I. Introduction The Enron case is probably one of the most documented scandals in recent financial history. The collapse of this behemoth is, of course, not a case of insider...
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Strong global market

Brand equity is defined as the positive differential effect that knowing the brand name has on customer response to the product or service (Kotler et al 2005). Kotler et al...
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Market Size

Economic growth is fuelled by both innovation and imitation. Firms invest significant resources in R & D to discover high quality products and refined procedures to add to their profitability....
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Mobile Phone Market In Uk

Telecommunication industry is always interesting to follow. The fast development of technology from first generation mobile phone in 1980s to the third generation (3G) mobile phones in the beginning of...
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Business in Electronic Marketplaces

Undoubtedly, the birth of the internet has drastically changed the global business landscape and business operations. By providing cheaper technology to manage information systems, the internet opened up virtually the...
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