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Global Marketing

Any successful business has to reduce costs if it wants to boost profits and succeed. IKEA is a firm which reduces production costs using the global strategy, through using low...

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Quantity discounts

Quantity discounts have been in use for a long time in various business transactions which involve purchase of goods. According to Pratt (2000: 270), they involve price reductions which are...

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Marketing Strategy

The aim of this thesis proposal is to identify the marketing strategies which would enable the rise of Vietnam in Information Technology (IT) outsourcing. Vietnam has its own Software Association...

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The Psychology of Marketing

The Psychology of Marketing             The success of a business does not rely only on the quality of products or services that the company offer to the market. Even though...

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Community in marketing

            Marketing is constantly evolving.  From simple advertisements in newspapers to media ads on the internet, marketing strategies have had to evolve to reach out to the new generation.  By...

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Marketing Concept

“Marketing is a societal process by which individuals & groups obtain what they need & want through creating, offering, & freely exchanging products & services of value with others. ”...

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International Business

The imperative reason that the team members illustrates the way to deliver exceptional organizational behavior concepts are in the desire to make the work processed better with the upgraded databases....

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