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Tools of marketing

Kotler coins the 3M’s which are major concepts and tools in marketing in this modern age. It includes the marketplace, the marketspace and the metamarket. Though these are all markets...
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Marketing objectives and strategies

Since PEST analysis solely determines the external factors, it could be classified as description of Opportunities (O) and Threats (T) in SWOT analysis. The PEST, as the name suggest, composes...
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Advertising and Marketing

The 8th criterion was the next to be met by a significant part of advertisements. This criterion referred to the usage of hard alcohol with soda and representing them as...
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Marketing of Services

Over the period of time, methods and techniques of selling products and services have evolved to a greater degree, however, word of mouth still remains the cheapest and fastest way...
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An Analysis of International Marketing

Nowadays, the Internet presents a challenge to the billion-dollar International Marketing Industry. The Internet promises to change the way international marketing research is done. Even if it will not revolutionalize...
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International Marketing Research

The goal of every organization lies in maximizing profits and increasing the value of shareholders. This task is very complicated, and requires joint efforts of many divisions of every company....
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