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International Business

In what kind of industries does a localization strategy make sense? When does a global standardization strategy make most sense? The industry that localization strategy would make sense would be...

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Marketing programme –4ps

All the elements of marketing mix are arrived upon and implemented in the broad framework of a marketing programme.. Therefore, to appreciate the relationship between the marketing planning process and...

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Marketing programs

In today’s environment of rapid technological and market change, shortening product life cycles and changing customer tastes in India, the strategic management of innovation has attracted increased attention among researchers,...

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Underground Marketing

Underground Marketing, also known as Guerilla marketing is promoting a product, whether it is goods or services, in an unconventional, usually inexpensive way (Reeves, 2006). This is a marketing strategy...

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Understand marketing

Without marketing, it is not possible for any customer to know about the details of what the company has to offer to them and what benefits will they get after...

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