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Fundamentals of Marketing

There a lot of reasons why a manufacturer employs advertisement as an important strategy. Of course the bottom line of the rationale is sales or profit. However, there are no...
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Improving sustainable marketing

Recently, there is growing consciousness that retailers have a critical role to play in the promotion of more sustainable trends and patterns of consumption. In March 2009, the European Commission...
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Study plan

Many people want to study economic elements for the practical sense of earning a living, but I have to admit that my purpose goes well beyond getting a well paid...
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The importance of marketing research

Marketing research is a process of gathering, organizing, recording, analyzing of data systematically about the consumers or the customers, competitors and in the market. It interrogates about other capitalists, marketing...
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Marketing strategies

The basic aim of Hutchison Whampoa’s marketing strategy for its new video conferencing product is to improve its means of distributing these products and services. This strategy will help them...
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International Marketing

Social and cultural factors influence all aspects of consumer and buyer behaviour. The differences between these factors in different parts of the world can be a central consideration in developing...
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