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Organizational sustainability

According to Brundtland, sustainability encompasses, adopting business strategies and activities that meet the goals of the enterprise and its stakeholders in the present day while protecting, maintaining and enhancing the...
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Marketing Plan

The TP Bowling was formed in May 8, 2009. The organization initiated from the United States and now it is in its expansionary phase. The organization in initiated by an...
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Manager in a Knowledge Organization

Now what's interesting about all this is that more and more of our workers are, to use Peter Drucker's twenty-five-year-old phrase, “knowledge workers. ” So HR manager have to know...
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Organizational Outcomes

Because there may be a basic skills deficit within our workforce and a general lack of agreement among researchers as to what skills are necessary for employees to add to...
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Organizational Change

Organization change is a vital component for any organization having a vision for the future. Organizational leaders have the responsibility to establish the future vision, and to set the required...
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Organizations and people

Imitation is the cognizant or cataleptic behavior of copying others. It can be contrast to innovation, which is an independently designed move of leadership. Imitation reduces the distribution of the...
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Non Profit Organization

California is a state which suffers from substantial cases of substance abuse, the reason for which is mainly the easy availability of drugs to people. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth...
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