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Workers in an organization

A union is a membership of workers in an organization whose sole purpose is to articulate the interest and welfare of workers in the organization through the collective bargaining process....

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Virtual organization concept

Virtual organization concept was presented by Vincent Giuliano in 1982 that workers are no longer required to be in one place to work as computer facilitate the communication in virtual...

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For an organization

For an organization, it is really important that it must take into account different external as well as internal environments so that it can prepare itself to face the changing...

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Organization & work

The above presented short literature review on the topic of employee engagement reflects to a great extend individual’s experiences in a workplace environment. The theory of employee engagement is viewed...

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Femtoforum Trade Organization

The invention and development of Femtocell has both positive and negative impact on the society. One of the positive impacts of the technology on the society is that, it has...

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International Organization

International Organization One of key processes of development of world economy on a side ХХ — XXI of centuries is progressing globalization, i.e. qualitatively new stage in development internationalization of...

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