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Research on Organizational Power

Research on organizational power has been focusing on the dependency theories. This has been seeking to understand where authorities derive the influence over other people and the extent to which...
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The organizational practices

Many organizations use different strategies to acquire human resource using the recruitment route. Advertising the vacant positions and identifying the right candidates can be time consuming and ineffective if the...
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Organizational Structure of Hamas

Unlike PLO Hamas has a rather simple organizational structure. The organization is basically composed of three main sections or wings, Political Wing, Social Wing & Military Wing. The political wing...
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Organizational Outcomes

Job performance has long been of interest to organizations, business leaders, and managers. A number of studies have identified factors that affect job performance. These factors may include satisfaction, attitude,...
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Organizational success

The human resource development focuses on the enhancement of skills and knowledge of employees which are both necessary in various work situations. Also, it maximizes the importance of the human...
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Organizational Culture

As far as organizational structure are concerned, I think there are implications for managers. Managers can use these to their competitive advantage and make the organization more prosperous. For global...
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Organizational Change

Today’s business world is totally different form what the business industries were about ten years ago. Indeed, with the introduction of Information Technology to the globe, along came the different...
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