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Individuals in Organizations

For years, organizational administrators have been faced with the different difficulties by which they are supposed to understand the aspects of individuality of each person that comes in the business...
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Internal Communication in organizations

Internal Communication in organizations is also interchangeably used with ‘employee relations’ or ‘staff communications’. All communication that takes place within an organization is included in it. This communication can be...
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Organizations & services

For many organizations providing services, help desk is an essential part of the company’s success. An ineffective help desk could lead to customer loss or customer dissatisfaction. The question that...
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Issues for Global Virtual Organizations

The increasing tendency of local firms to expand their trade boundaries by setting up global centers has drawn people’s attention to the efficacy of International laws. The stand-out features of...
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Informal Organizations

There are two types of organizational structures in any company or business organization: a formal structure, which is defined by the relationships of subordination, organizational hierarchy, seniority and authority, and...
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Serving organizations

Until recent time, companies have not been employing skilled immigrants to their maximum potentials. The reasons for these may differ. Some attributed it to a systemic problem; others saw it...
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Level of training & organizations

) Level of training; organizations that meet most of their objectives typically provide each team with twice the amount of training as those teams that achieved little or partial success....
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