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Risk management study

Risk management involves identifying any future uncertainties and possible threats on a project and coming up with the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of such threats and in case...
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Risk Assessment

This paper presents data in a manner that is more like a summary rather than a complex risk assessment process of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH). This is indeed, a wide...
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Risk assessments

Risk assessments, foreign direct investment, and Economic development have well established relationships that have governed them over a period. However, before we discuss the relationships that exist among these factors,...
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Risk taking propensity

Closely allied with time value differences, there are differences in attitudes towards risk. Cultures can be highly risk avoidant: slow to make decisions and apparently always in need of more...
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Risk Analysis in Managerial Economics

            Managerial economics is a branch of microeconomics that uses analysis techniques of Microeconomics in decision making for business and other management units. It applies the microeconomic theories pertaining to...
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Interest rate risk

Interest rate risk can be defined as the risk due to fluctuations in the interest rates. That is, it is the effect of the variations in the interest rates that...
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Sources of Resource Risk

Accurate and clear definition of a project is essential to ensure its success. Accuracy in project budgeting, achievable project schedule and the ultimate realization of the initially planned or set...
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Company at Risk

Whenever you let other parties see what is going on with your company, you are putting yourself at risk. The security and integrity of your company may be comprised by...
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