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A certain degree of risk

All investments involve a certain degree of risk. Investors may not gain the original investment; investors must take note of several factors before deciding to invest in an asset. The...
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Market Risk

Market Risk: (also known as systematic risk) the risk that relates to the entire investment class that involves financial variations an example of which can be a recession and other...
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Great risk

Workplace violence have become quite complex that it is necessary for the various kinds to be divided among specific categories. The organized framework was originally created in 1995 by the...
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Why regulate systemic risk

There are several reasons that would necessitate the regulation of systemic risk. Systemic risk may be driven by many factors and not only by the size of the collapsed firms....
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Measuring Financial System Risk

Expected Shortfall (ES) seek to measure the potential loss in an extreme event” (Acharya et al. , 2008). 1. Value-at-Risk (VaR) The most important factor in any system is the...
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Financial system risk

Puzzling as it may be, underlying causes of any a financial crisis can be arrested and prevented if the right information and action is taken at the right time. This...
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