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Strategies in China

Asia is important and huge market for the sporting industry. A lot of sporting companies would like to occupy this market. Of course, Adidas also want to do. Adidas plan...

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Adidas’ Globalization Strategies

Adidas was a global organization, so it implemented the concept of “global brand, local touch” to achieve its target in the competitive market. First, Adidas applied the strategies that anticipating...

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Marketing Strategies

Web-based food retailing service is the new trend. It is a concept which has made headway across the world. E-grocers compete with each other as well as with traditional retailers...

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Brand Strategies

According to Wired Magazine’s Leander Kahney (2002), the Cupertino-based computer company known as Apple, Inc. possesses one of the strongest brands in the world. While the company has experienced its...

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