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Sustain is Branding Strategy

This strategy is basically related with the proposed strategy of investing in research and development to address changing needs and wants of customers. Basis 1 - Strengths – Profitable Operation,...
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Context factors influencing the strategy

The government policies being undertaken are impacted by India’s background, initially due to political instability because by frequent changes of poor, long term strategic policies were hard to developed and...
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Marketing Strategy

Product strategy- For the new web based company it is been seen as a service center which deals with providing web based services to the different clients depending on the...
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System or Strategy

One of the main goals of PM is changing managerial attitudes and dismantling the right ‘chimney’ structure designed to maximize control, irrespective of the negative impact on information-processing or innovative...
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Value Chain Strategy

As an important concept is organizational management Microsoft has adopted an authentic system in its value chain strategy. Value chain strategy is an important concept which helps to pull competitive...
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Importance of a Pricing Strategy

For the success of any product, its pricing strategy is very important. It determines the profit margins, the net revenue and sales volume. It is also related to product placement....
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