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Merger and acquisition strategy

The reasons for the materialization of the mergers and acquisitions is primarily concerned with long term business concerns such as competition, efficiency, marketing, product, resource and tax issues. Kodak’s approach...
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Marketing strategy

The main competitors of Festo here are: - Parker Hannifin Corporation - PH (NYSE), also presented in Hong Kong (Sales-center). Parker-Hannifin Corporation is a worldwide full-line manufacturer of motion control...
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Current marketing strategy

A brief summary of the case shows that the business in question, Sy Med Development is a medical software company that delivers managed care solutions advice to its customers. Sy...
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Supermarket Marketing Strategy

Organisations are formed and run in a certain way that it maximises on minimal resources that are available. An example of such business is supermarkets that usually stock an array...
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Reduction Strategy

With the onset of the global warming, the world’s attention is set on the environmental rehabilitation programs hoping immediate and long-term remediation of the industrial impacts in the environment. Along...
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Recapitalization strategy

The case “Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. ” provides detailed overview of Wrigley’s financial policies concentrating on recapitalization strategy, new debt capital, share re-purchase, and recommendations for future. In particular, the...
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Competitive Environmental Strategy

Andrew J. Hoffman’s (2000) book titled “Competitive Environmental Strategy: A Guide to the Changing Business Landscape” is notable for being a comprehensive presentation of the significance of practical environmental patterns....
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Human Resource Management

Even as the concept of globalization has been fostering the new avatar of economy, the old concept of emphasizing on the financial capital and technology is making way for the...
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