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Information Technology at Whirlpool

A collective reference to the combined fields of computers and information system is referred to as information technology. The used of information technology or IT has been widely used in...
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Bluetooth Technology

However, while some of these devices adopt the same frequencies they depend upon different standards and cannot talk to each other. Wi-Fi, in view of its potentialities can be regarded...
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IT technology

The chain of supply is very important in the business field, because unlike the early days when the manufacturers would produce and customers buy, meaning the manufactures acted as the...
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Information Technology and Business

Several changes in the telecommunication, hardware and software technologies have played a major role in the evolution of business practices from simple barter trade to more complex and sophisticated IT...
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Management of Technology and Innovation

Fierce competition in business has driven business to continuously generate new ideas to sustain their business growth. This situation also happens at Jeeves PLC, a company that manufactures electronic consumer...
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Information System Technology

QuickShop is a retail outlet which sells grocery and household products. It is a one point shop for customers who want to purchase household items. The strategy now is to...
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Communications Technology

ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. ICT is the field of expertise that connects information technology (computers) and tele-communications networks (the internet) to provide sophisticated applications that span the...
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Information Technology

The article “The End of Corporate Computing” mainly depicts the situation of information technology in today’s business industries. He then claims that because of the similarities and the common characteristics...
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