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Ethical business operations

Technology which should be used in monitoring data transmission should be able to have a big memory which will enhance proper transmission of both signals and sound to space from...

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Business and Technology

Periodic tyre maintenance is one important topic that every car owner should be aware of. Aside from improving the performance and prolonging the life of car tyres, the same also...

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E-commerce Technology

Before actually making the website functional, the executives should carry out a SWOT analysis; this will help in knowing the weaknesses that should be overcome by going online. Internal operations...

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Improvements of Technology

Technology seems to appear at a rate that increases in geometric fashion, without geographical limits and political systems slowing it down. This is why globalization was able to put global...

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Technology platforms

The next challenge facing the delivery of information is the relevance of the content and how far effective is it in communicating the message to the intended audience. Structuring the...

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Global E Business

Global E Business Question # 1             There was a need for the company to update its IT infrastructure because there was a lot of competition in the market and...

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Green Energy Technology Business

Green energy technology business refers to the use of environmentally friendly or non-polluting technologies to produce clean sources of energy for the purposes of energy production by the private sector...

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