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Canada-US and North American

Differences There are some significant differences between the two agreements. The central and obvious difference is that the NAFTA is an agreement between three nations, joining Mexico to the two...
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International Trade

Culture is the way of living of a given people. Members of a particular culture have different perceptions in their views about the world as well as other people. Cultural...
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International Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international body whose purpose is to promote free trade by persuading countries to abolish import tariffs and other barriers (“Profile: World”, 2005). The...
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International trade and costs of production

International trade or foreign trade is the “exchange of goods and services between nations” (Foreign trade, 2004). International trade brings advantages to countries since it allow nations to produce goods...
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Trade in service

Technological advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) have increasingly brunt the organisation of world production and trade flows. Service sectors such as finance, business services and distribution are most...
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International Trade Operations

Finding overseas markets or suppliers and dealing with shipping complexities are only two of the challenges facing small firms seeking to participate in international trade (IT). Entrepreneurs should be cautioned...
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Merits of the WTO

According to the WTO agreements, one of the most important reasons for having the system is that it’s a forum for countries to thrash out their differences on trade issues....
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World Trade Organisation

The promising commencement of the Doha Round, has failed to develop into a meaningful negotiation. In particular, developed countries have failed to deliver the most critical promise of the Doha...
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