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Value chain

Value chain is the process undertaken by firms in order to achieve desired results by meeting the customer expectations. It includes improving quality of the products, increased flexibility and Just...
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Value Driven Management

Value driven management involves the maximization of the long-term good of a company by understanding the value theory. The value theory states that what people value drives their actions. In...
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Real Value

Many researchers underline that virtual things have no real value. Taking into account economic theory, demand determines how firms perceive, interpret, and respond to buyer needs (Shields 2003). Competitive advantage...
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The Derivation of Value

In postmodern thought, the derivation of value does not depend on any structured method institutionalized by an authority. In fact, postmodernism does not recognize the role of authorities in determining...
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Value Chain Model – Dell

Dell’s value chain model resulted in capabilities across its functions. Inbound logistics capability of order configuration’s electronic movement to the manufacturing center and at the operations end, high-volume cell production...
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Customer Lifetime Value

Information is one of the key to any successful business in the world. This is why managers around the world are collecting information about their customers’ base than ever before....
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Organization Productivity Audit

Introduction Understanding Value driven Management While talking of Value Driven Management it is important to understand that whatever actions that are being taken for the value addition in organization must...
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