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Value determination

Each of the nine core value streams discussed in the literature review underpins one or more elements within the framework. Although some of the links are obvious, some are less...
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The Customer Value Proposition

To narrow down the definition of CRM and relate it to the objectives of this study, succeeding descriptions of this concept and practice will focus on its relevance to financial...
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Value and impact of IT investment

The definition of value is usually unclear, frequently inadequate, often partisan and sometimes completely absent from the discussion (Frank Bannister & Dan Remenyi). The information technology is all about use...
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Value Based Management

Nigeria, in global perspective, is faced with many threats. Firstly, there exist countless competitors to the Nigerian industries which are still weak on global platform. The Nigerian companies do not...
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Brand value

Combining the corporate abilities of two or more firms results in brand value which most definitely works to the company's advantage (Andrade and Stafford, 2004: 31). Smaller companies are usually...
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The horizon value

To summarize everything, the unlevered Apple Inc. is worth $36. 88 billion in totality, wherein $5. 16 billion comes from the tax interest savings, and some $394 million comes from...
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Strategic IT Value

The result of this research may serve as a reference or database for entrepreneurs and organizations’ management to decide whether they will opt for kiosk technology in enhancing the performance...
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Value chain

Value chain is the process undertaken by firms in order to achieve desired results by meeting the customer expectations. It includes improving quality of the products, increased flexibility and Just...
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