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The brand of the organization

Since aesthetics of a website is the first thing that visitors notice, this area is important. Capturing visitors’ attention and conveying the brand of the organization is necessary for the aspects of aesthetics across the website. If the graphics attract the viewer’s attention away from the text, the aesthetic purpose of the website is defeated. The OATA website scored an overall 4. 75 in Aesthetics. The OATA website presents very well and there is no clutter throughout the website’s pages. The website chose a 2-color scheme that creates a simplistic color design without distraction.

The background was a nice shade of dark blue but the middle area’s lighter blue did not seem to fit with this and the red coloring scheme. The intensity of the color represents a different shade of blue rather than being a secondary color to the chosen navy blue color. The OATA website would benefit from a different shade of intensity for that lighter blue color. According to Shirl Brainard, the intensity can be determined through the addition of white (or black) to the navy blue color (Brainard, 2006).

The pictures used in the website portray the theme of the organization however; the one on the Job Board webpage did not seem to match since it was a picture of the team managers looking over an injured athlete. Montages used on a few pages throughout the website provide a variety of images. The montages used were small and did not seem to go with the text used on them with the 3D look given the text. Cleanup needed on the graphics and pictures for the website on the montages and the picture on the Job Board web page.

The fonts chosen for the OATA website are easy to read and change color when rolled over for links. Headings are clear and text font is a good size for easy reading over the website. The light gray color of the article fonts made for easy reading across the site although black is preferred for all visitors that may experience eye problems to read easily. The website follows a standard grid pattern that provides for easy scanning. The only problem found with scanning the webpage, which comes up later in the monetization details, is the navigation issue.

According to Steve Krug, people scan pages for information and do not exactly read everything (Krug, 2006). The navigation on the left hand side of the OATA website on the “Athletic Trainers’ Resources” is not coherent throughout the site. There were also a few pages without any information, especially in the committee news releases section. It would seem that a health care advocate website would contribute to news often but even if they put up some information on how visitors could contribute to the news that would be sufficient.