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The Effect Of Japanese Immigration Organizational Success Essay

Success The success of any organization depends on the quality of manpower that is running the Organization. The Japanese policies on immigration in recent years have been conducive for the skilled and unskilled workers around the world. The effects of different professionals that immigrated to Japan have led to the Japanese organizational success. The Japanese economy has become the second largest in the world and its open door policy has made its economy to be highly efficient and competitive in areas linked to international trade.

Japan’s long-term economic prospects are due to its reservoir of industrial leadership and technicians, well-educated and industrious work force that has tremendously contributed to country economic success. SPAIN VERSUS EU IMMIGRATION. In Spain, the general African economic problem led the illegal immigrants from African countries to swarm into the Spanish shore. Formerly, especially in 1950s, Spain was among the poorest country in Europe but since it joined European Union in 1980s, Spain has become the 14th country with the best economy.

Its economic success and geographical closeness to Africa has made it a prime destination for poor immigrants. (Daphne) The European migration history was due to war, persecution and the search of a better life. The main

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source of migration was to remedy economic problems in Europe . In 1970s, there was serious economic problems in Europe, and the problems made the European governments to tighten their immigrations policies. All these problems among European countries led to the creation of European migration policies.

During the oil crises of 1973, the immigration issues had been handled were on national level. The Maastrict Treaty of 1992 was to control European migration flows. Thus, European migration history has moved away from economics and migration issues to become politicized. Additionally, with anti-discrimination laws enacted by EU, the Europe was more appealing to foreigners CURRENT EU –SPANISH IMMIGRATION STATUS The migrants in Spain have been finding it tough, they are always been detained by authorities. Spanish migrant workers from Africa and Latin America work up to 14 hours a day for as little as $1.

50.. The major works they do are to harvest s trawberries, garlic and tomatoes across the country. They also work in the cities in construction firms, or as a domestic worker or as a prostitute. However, in 2005, Spain introduced new policies to lessen the sufferings of immigrants by giving general amnesty for illegal immigrants. More so, in 2006, Spain announced that all EU nationals are allowed to work in Spain without work permit. Spain has also gone further by starting issuing the non-EU professionals in Europe or abroad the work permits to come to Spain to work

The present status of EU shows that Europe has now become an immigration continent and this has led to inflow highly skilled and non-skilled migrants from all over the world. To attract more highly skilled migrants, the EU on 23 October 2007 proposed the creation of EU Blue Card that aims to attract the admission highly qualified workers. The procedure is to offer special residence and work permit, called the “EU Blue Card”, for highly skilled workers that intend to immigrate to Europe. EU. -SPANISH IMMIGRATION FORCASTED TREND Since Spain has joined EU, it has become 14th country with the best economy.

Thus because of its economic prosperous, the country will need both skilled and non-skilled migrants to develop the country. The country has now realised the importance of allowing the immigrants into the country and this has led the authority to soften the immigration laws. Although, the Spanish government is still tough to illegal migrants especially migrants from Morocco shore to the territory of Spain, nevertheless there is still changes in country policies toward immigration. EU prosperous economy and falling population growth have made EU to realise Europe needs immigrants all over the world to bridge the gap of falling population.

The population projection carried out revealed that the death rate outnumbers birth rate in Europe. Thus to bridge the gap, Europe will continue to demand for both skilled and unskilled workers to boost the working population and boost the declining population growth EFFECT OF EU-SPANISH IMMIGRATIONS ON ORGANIZATIONAL SUCCESS. The EU and Spanish have now realised that success of their countries business organizations depend on the quality of work force that is running country’s private and public organizations.

The policies both have adopted to attract the skilled immigrants have helped the Spain and EU to be among the most successful countries in the world. MANAGERIAL RECOMMENDATION In this modern world before any country can develop, it has to recognise the people running the organizations of the country. Meanwhile, in the present globalization, the success of any country is the quality of immigrants in the country. Today one of the reasons that make America to be great today is because of the immigrants in the country. Thus, it is recommended for U.

S. , Japanese, Spain and EU to apply the reinforcement theory in their immigration process . From the definition reinforcement theory; it is revealed that the process shapes behaviour. Thus, the government should apply Employee Recognition Programs in dealing with immigrants workers in the country. There law dealing with employment should be revised to favor the immigrants that come to work in these countries. The workers that left his country to settle in another country need to be praised and be recognised by the host country.

The immigrants that come to work in another country should be given free accommodation for at least a year to adapt to the situation of the country. Another recommendation is that there should be a program to reinforce the skill immigrants in the country by applying the special Skill-Based Pay Plans for the skilled immigrants. The immigrants must pay according to their skills. The citizens who have the same skill with the immigrants that have not yet acquire citizenship should be paid equally and there should be no discrimination to induce other skills immigrants all over the world to immigrate in to the country.

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