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The Essence of Management to the Company that it Serves

Management policies are the limits that are set for managers to follow during their daily activities in the company. The said policies range form individual relationships of the managers with employees towards their general relationship with the whole company in general. The following list is an example of the set of policies that are prepared for mangers in a more general scope: Managers and the company • Company managers are supposed to deal with their authoritative heads with respect and thus follow orders from them.

If in case these managers have several suggestions that are to be of good results for the company, sharing it would be done during the right occasion at the right time. It is much ethical to deal with certain situations in an appointed time and place for the sake of respect and better relationship between the managers and the higher administration. • Managers are expected to be model employees to others; their subordinates see them and their activities as a basis of what is supposed to be rightly accepted as an ethical measure of values in the company.

Hence, their acts and decisions should be thought well before being done, as this may bring great impact to

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the company’s foundation. • Expanding the business is one of the key responsibilities of the managers. Hence, enhancing the capability of the company to hold international transactions should be based upon ethical measures that help both the company owners and company investors to realize the importance of the company to them as individual stakeholders of the business organization.

• The strategies that managers put up to be able to reach the goals of the company should be based upon an ethically designed system that would allow them to help the company grow while at the same time doing its responsibilities towards the society that it works with. These policies as it could be seen, is based upon what the New Mindsets have said regarding ethics: “We can learn about the situations we are operating in by putting ourselves in the role of key stakeholders and seeing the situation through their eyes” (Kuhn, 21)

Yes, by putting themselves at the situational position of their head-bosses, managers are able to perform the expected completion of tasks that the company requires them to handle while they are in the company. As a result, they are also able to set a model that would be followed by their lower subordinates in the company. This managerial task is not a game of pleasing the ‘bosses’, but it is a responsibility towards the expansion and development of the business. Managers and their subordinates as well as lower employees

• Since managers are considered to be of a higher position compared to other workers or employees in the company, it is normal that respect towards their authority is required. However, abuse of the said authority towards the lower subordinates is considered as an act taken against the ethical measures of dealing with lower-level employees. These abuses may include unfair pay or unfair acknowledgement of the employees’ hard work. Nepotism and things as such should then be avoided within the midst of the managers and their treatments towards other employees in the company.

• Managers are expected to give a high value for the jobs of the greater population that makes up the company. This mainly concerns the people force of the organization. Giving them the satisfaction that they are due since they are working hard to attain the goal of the company is one of the main responsibilities of a good manager. Thus treating the other employees with respect and integrity is a vital part in completing such task. • What the managers play in the lives of the employees is that they serve as the lower ones’ voice to the bosses.

The head administration does not have enough time to hear the suggestions or comments of the people. Hence, the managers serve as mediators. As mediators, they are the ones scaling if the complaints or comments are worthy enough to be heard by the higher level of management. Hence, in this responsibility, they should apply a great measure of critical thinking as to what has to be addressed or not. Ethical standards of listening to what the people have to say are again a great part in facing the said situation on the part of the managers.

• Keeping the ethical standards alive in a company, means to listen and comprehend to what others have to say. Scaling the situation from the acts of the employees, a manager is able to understand what has to be done when certain disruptions and disturbances arise between several employees in the company. In this set of responsibilities and policies that exist between the managerial bodies towards the lower level of employees, it could be observed that taking care of the concerns of the lower subordinates is the main focus of the concept of the policies shown.

Yes, ethically dealing with the situations that concern the people means having a deeper understanding of what the company’s people want, what they need and what they expect from the organization. As these things come to the knowledge of the managers, it should be observed that the said needs be addressed well. Giving attention to the said needs does not only create a fine reputation for the company’s body of managers, but it also sets a fine and dignified status for the company in the business world.

Conclusion Commerce, as the major sector of the society that makes up about the 40 percent of the social development at present has a great responsibility in giving close attention to the needs of the company, its people and its society. The policies that they follow should then be thoroughly outlined with the ethical measurement of values that they should consider while they serve for the best possible results for their company and the society that they are dealing with.

Certainly, managers who are able to scale the situation and the essentiality of their role in the companies that they work for are the ones who are able to complete their tasks without any disappointments in themselves. It should then be recognized that among the best pattern of systematic approach to management and the implication of managerial policies, ethical measurement of values should be applied well in the organization. Once ethics is given a close attention; it is by no doubt a successful progress for the whole organization and the society as well.


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