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The Front Office Manager

The complaints have basically the same tenor, which is, the members of the hotel staff are not behaving in proper manner and conduct when interacting with each other and when interacting with the hotel guests. The possible causes of this unprofessional attitude towards their work are: lack of training, lack of proper oversight, lack of job satisfaction, and lack of initiative, and lack of focus, and vague job descriptions. I believe the main cause of this problem is the lack of training of the hotel staff.

They should be trained how to practice proper decorum and correct conduct in a service-oriented industry, especially in this case where they are serving in a five-star hotel. During this training, they should be taught the rudiments of pleasing people. They should be trained how to handle clients and how to deport themselves when interacting with each other in front of the hotel guests. During this training, their individual job descriptions should be clarified so that they will not have to argue who will be responsible for a certain task. This way, rights and responsibilities are clearly delineated.

All employees, including those employed in a temporary capacity regardless of the department within where an employee is designated as long as he interacts with the guests, must be made to undergo this training. A five-star hotel can not afford to lose clients because of low quality service. High quality service is what makes it a five-star hotel. Thus, training of all personnel is paramount over any financial consideration. The way to look at this to justify the cost of training the employees is that if the clients are satisfied with the service, then profits will naturally come in.