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The human resource department

Has always been an indispensable division of an organization, the supplier of the right people to work for the attainment of an organization’s goals. Without it, an organization will eventually collapse given the lack of the needed workforce to continuously push the organization into motion.

The structure of an organization, and the composition of its work force change over time. Twenty years ago, the functions and tasks of personnel differ greatly as compared with that of modern organizations and are considered obsolete. Hence, with the fast pace of change prevalent today in every organization, it is a must that an organization must adapt with this change. The fact that the workforce comprises an organization’s bulk; it is the human resource department’s role to plan strategically for a system to support and cater to the needs of the entire human factor of the organization when change is to be implemented.

A human resource management executive has the task of dealing with the recruitment, placement, training, and development of organization members; thus it is his duty to hire people of exemplary character who are suited to meet the needs of an organization in attaining its goals. By this, an executive contributes to the company profit margin by providing the organization with workers willing to work hard and do quality service to the organization. When a company reaches its goals or objectives, it means also that it reaches or even surpasses its profit target or projected income.