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The Importance of Budgeting Systems to Human Service Agencies

Organizations, big or small, need financing strategies not only to assure the resources to serve as capital, but to give surety to its being on a going concern. Indeed, money, capital, or resources are what keep an organization running. Without an effective control and management of such, it would contribute to an improper administration and eventual downfall of the organization.

Specifically, health and human service agencies are associations that respond to the needs of the citizens, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable ones, providing assistance for health-related, financial, and social issues, and focused on developing and maintaining sustainable communities. In short, they are adept to improving the quality of life of the citizens. Just like any other organization, human and health service agencies need budgeting systems to properly account and provide for the services that it contributes.

These budgeting systems provide for a more effective way of utilizing the resources of the agency thereby maximizing its resources for the good of the organization itself and the ones it serves. Proper allocation of these resources will initiate a guided performance for the agency measuring public benefit from the agency’s actions. When these budget systems are well-established, it measures the health and human service agencies’ accountability to the just use of resources that the public demands.

And when these budget systems are well adhered to, these agencies are following management plans are more likely to act effectively, abiding by the budget relations that they have set. Health and human service agencies, primarily serving the public, need proper accounting and more seriousness in managing its resources. Moreover, most of their funds come from donations, grants, bequest programs, and the like, thereby having the need to properly utilize these resources for the betterment of the society.