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The organizational practices Essay

Many organizations use different strategies to acquire human resource using the recruitment route. Advertising the vacant positions and identifying the right candidates can be time consuming and ineffective if the right channels are not used. Many Fortune 500 companies use contract staff to fill in vacant positions especially in the IT field using the concept of prime vendors for sourcing the candidates. Many organizations use different sources for recruitment, the primary one being internal promotion. The other sources are: advertisement in newspapers, job boards like monster and dice and recruiting agencies etc.

Many health care companies do use a variety of incentives to get the right personnel. Sign on bonuses are common. Another industry where sign on bonuses are common is the transportation industry because of the demand outstripping the supply. Internships are another common way of encouraging new college students who are about to graduate to get into the main stream workforce once they finish their internships. Because of the complex nature of human resource management and recruitment process, many business organizations use internally developed software or application software like SAP, PeopleSoft etc to manage their processes.

This also helps to be compliant with many Federal and State government regulations like

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FMLA, FLSA. By using the software, the reporting and filing requirements of many companies are fulfilled. The process of movement of personnel on account of transfers, promotion, retirement, retrenchment etc can be easily handled where such activities are common and numbers are huge. Tools like Resumix etc are used routinely to screen hundreds if not thousands of applications received for a handful of vacant positions.

While such tools have helped the recruiters from the time consuming activity of reading resumes and identifying the right candidates, it also leaves a window open for errors. There is the inherent danger of screening out some genuinely eligible candidates if the screening parameters are not accurately set. Also, the subjective elements like required qualification and the number of years of experience are not considered while the tools like Resumix are employed. An experienced recruiter may be able to identify such discrepancies if the screening is done. That benefit is lost by using an automated tool.

Also, the concept of applicant pool (Wood, R Payne, T 1998) is utilized to keep a database of eligible applicants who can be considered when right opportunities arise. Practices like recruiting through networking and bias towards graduates from Ivy leagues can also impact the effectiveness of the recruitment process. This element of subjectivity can be eliminated by applying a uniform screening process for all applicants regardless of their network and the educational background. Legislations like EEO Act provide for opportunities without any prejudice to age, sex, race etc.

Use of interviews for Recruitment and Promotion (Houghton, 1937) has been in existence for a longtime. However, subjectivity in interviewing process is a concern many candidates as well as recruiters express on a regular basis. In spite of the many advances in interviewing techniques we seem to find the subjectivity in the interviewing techniques in the Recruitment process. Interactive case studies (Vault Staff, 2002) are utilized to test communication, knowledge of the subject, analytical skills etc so that more objectivity is achieved in the selection process.

Placement of the selected candidates after recruitment is another challenge many business organizations face. Should the company’s objectives be given more priority than individual needs while placing the candidates is always up for debate. May be that is the reason why many organizations prefer to have contract staff where possible so that there is no permanent commitment of the employees to a particular location. Employers also tend to gain by delinking their benefit plans with the contract staff. (Waling, 2007).

Part III: Similarities and differences between `theory` and `practice` in Recruitment process: There are many theories that work and many don’t. For example to recruit personnel strictly against vacant positions through internal promotion may not work because, businesses sometimes think that it might be a good idea to get some fresh outlook and hence bring outsiders at various positions including the top positions. This might cause consternation among existing employees because they might have already expected to get to the top one day.

There is also the danger of the mindset playing favorites under the guise of bringing in fresh blood. There are many instances where personnel from outside are brought in though there are qualified internal candidates. The delicate activity of recruitment is to be managed with caution. Otherwise, the company may end up with a bunch of people who don’t get along well and create more problems than achieving the company’s objectives. Defining success and not skills (Adler, 2002) is the first step to hiring talent.

It is not uncommon for many HR managers to express helplessness when it comes to practicing the theory. Subjectivity in the Recruitment Process is the main issue all HR managers to handle delicately. Conclusion Recruitment process is a highly involved process with huge amounts of time and money committed, especially in complex global organizations. Avoiding the subjectivity and at the same time employing cost effective ways of doing recruitment are the challenges of the modern HR and Recruitment managers.

Dollars spent per candidate in acquiring the right HR is one of the many yardsticks that can be used for identifying the effectiveness of the Recruitment Process in the modern business organizations. While keeping pace with the developments in technology, like SAP, PeopleSoft etc. , and deploying them effectively, is more an art than a science and depends upon the situation. Employee ownership by offering ESOP’s and ESPP’s, organizations do tend to get the commitment needed from the employees while retaining them for a longer term.

Many developments are taking place in the Recruitment Process and a creative manager always looks for opportunities to save Recruitment Cost by deploying all the different right strategies to acquire and retain the best talent and thus benefiting the organization both in the short term and long term.


Adler, L (2002). Hiring With Your Head. Using POWER Hiring to Build Great Teams, 2nd Ed. John Wiley and Sons, NJ. Houghton, A. L. N. D (1937) The Use of the Interview in Recruitment and Promotion. Public Administration 15 (3), 317–327 Sears, D(2003).

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