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The Tavern Owner’s Stand on the Construction of the Globe Theatre in London Essay

The society during Shakespeare’s time depicts a point in English Renaissance also known as the Elizabethan Era, or even, the Age of Shakespeare. This was an important turning point from the 16th century up to the 17th in which people would live according to the luxuries of art within their means. As an owner of a tavern, one might think that the venue of celebration in my territory would lean towards more barbaric behaviour; it is true, in a sense, that when people have alcohol running in their bloodstreams, they devolve into mere humans who errs and gets into numerous senseless battles.

My tavern has witnessed a number of incidents demonstrating that despite the need to integrate art and luxury in their impoverished lives, people remain artless at certain times. The actors, writers and other artists fall under the trance of a different ambience my tavern has to offer: actors do not act like fools, they become fools. Writers overlook the possibility of a good story because they are too drunk to even notice the real drama taking place under their noses. Artists probably produce their best works with my brew in their bloodstreams.

Hence, barbaric as it seems, the tavern I

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own holds a slice of reality of life in London under Queen Elizabeth’s reign. During the day, the actors practice their lines and the writers make their revisions. Businessmen or the producers always make sure that their theaters are filled to the seams and that the play, despite its artistic integrity, will not alienate any simpleton in the audience. Women still stood at the sidelines as men played their roles in wigs and dresses, and recited tragic verses in falsetto.

The mass remains to be distinguished from the nobility, the aristocracy and the royalty, and their access to such performances are limited depending on the staging of a play whether it would be open to the public or not. Things were written and performed in honor of the Queen. In my tavern, such formalities become lost. As I pour a pint, I become their Shakespeare. The liquids in my bottles and barrels turn me into their instant motivation, as how some actors may call it. I must say that at this point my tavern is a more effective stage than any theatre.

If people would want entertainment, they need not pay shillings in order to see a highly scripted performance. My tavern offers it all! People can witness the action behind the scenes and even moments of these actors and writers and directors falling from their seats rehearsing for next day’s play or even celebrating a huge turnout and a positive reception. Maybe it will take more than a few shillings to be entertained in my tavern; but then, people will not be going on an empty stomach!

However, as much as I celebrate my tavern’s role in the everyday lives of the men and women of London, the theatre remains exclusive when it comes to its usefulness. The dispute over The Theatre’s expiring lease can evidently threaten the survival of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men and their performances. I am going to have to feel sorry for the Burbages who may not be able to extend the lease of the lot from that greedy Giles Allen. But then, some dramatic twist in the plot takes place — how about dismantling the structure and transporting the wooden beams and other building materials to a different location while the cat was away!

Transporting The Theatre and renaming it The Globe on the marshy lands of Southwark! Was that worth a sonnet or a comedic act or what! Nonetheless, the construction of The Globe outside the greedy hands of landlords can bring forth a greater amount of control for the theatre group. Shakespeare will be delighted as the stage they are to build will hold performances of his plays. The Chamberlain’s Men can be said to finally own a piece of space where every inch of the stage they have the right to know very much about.

The Burbages will be delighted they only have to worry about the next production and making sure the public will love it. The creative juices will continue to flow, and we shall be entertained and we shall learn from the morals of these stories. As a tavern owner, will I benefit from the construction of The Globe? Of course. The happier the actors, the writers, the artists and the audience, the more reason they have to celebrate. My business runs on customers who want to be merry whether they are already celebrating or contemplating suicide.

The Globe will not take away my customers — a successful Globe can translate to more business. Even though my tavern may merely offer a venue outside something that is artistic, it should be kept in mind that there is a certain dualism when it comes to creativity, and that is the humanness of these artists and even the audience. My tavern has room for those who want to take a break from their Renaissance pretensions. This is where the actors become real, and this is where the stories begin and ends.

The Globe Theater is a place where all these are rehearsed, polished and performed according to the public’s desires. The Globe Theatre defines what London is to the outside world. Bibliography Gurr, Andrew. The Shakespearean Stage 1574-1642. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Press, 1991. Magnusson, Lynne. Shakespeare and Social Dialogue: Dramatic Language and Elizabethan Letters. Cambridge, Englans: Cambridge University Press, 1999. Shapiro, James. 1599 — a year in the life of William Shakespeare. London: Faber and Faber, 2005.

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