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The Tempest Colonialism Essay

Letters should not be known; riches, poverty, and use of service, none; contraction, succession, bourn, bound of land, tilt, vineyard, none. Gonzales topics were particularly relevant at the time of the play, because of New World colonization, and Europeans finally had the chance to start new governments and societies that reflected these idealistic belief. However, Gonzales imagining is also self-controlled and impractical, as Antonio and Sebastian are quick to notice; and perhaps this is Shakespearean statement about the simplicity of Utopian thought in general and also

Gonzales fantasy involves him ruling the island while seeming not to rule it, and in this he becomes a kind of parody of Prosper. We even see as soon as Clinical is first entered in the play that he plays a big role in the colonialism theme because he questions Prosperous authority on the island, saying “This island’s mine by Accords my mother, which thou task’s from me” (1. 2. 334-5). While he may be an exaggerative character, the accuracy of his criticisms questions authority and that of the colonial projects of the Europeans.

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