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The workforce is one of the strengths of the corporation

It is indispensable for the organization to continue the work processes that it undertake. Although a certain human resource department hires the best people, the latter are not mechanical beings that sustain the strength to work for a day straight. They get tired, lose their enthusiasm for the job, and become restless, and the eventuality is that the organization suffers because of these reasons, financially and productively speaking. Hence, activities and programs should be developed in order to keep the spirit and enthusiasm of the workforce alive.

The programs or activities should be designed to improve the overall effectiveness of the workforce in their present function or task and prepare them for greater responsibility when they are given a heavier load or work. Job rotation should be one of these activities. This tends to remove the boredom experienced by an employee of his/her present task and introduce or familiarize him/her with different aspects of the organization’s activities or operations.

Trainings or seminars for their benefit should be conducted to develop their experience and ability. In addition, performance appraisals should be conducted in order that the employees can assess themselves regarding their output relative to the organization’s production output.

External forces play a big factor on how an organization moves relative to its environment; therefore it is imperative that the human resource department knows these factors so that they can design plans that are suited for employee empowerment. And that these employees may work at their best when interacting with outside clients.