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The workplace & motivation Essay

The data will be collected fairly for this study and the analysis will be purely done on the basis of the responses filled by the employees of public sector companies. This analysis will be with respect to the topic motivation which is in focus in this study and which is the sole idea to be discovered and let others understand it fully. What is Need of Hour In the contemporary world all the under-developed and developing nations are faced with awesome challenges and apparently insurmountable problems.

These problems are related to the social, economic and political spheres of life. Unemployment is the biggest problems facing the third-world countries. There are various factors involved in it such as population explosion, dearth of jobs, poor education system etc. in such a situation most people find jobs with really hard effort and after waiting long, this situation rotten their inner talent and many a times it happens that while they start their jobs they are already so much disappointed that they perform poor.

All the firms working out there should think about organizing such departments which help motivate their current employees as well as their should be strong internship and career counseling programs which usually

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the students don’t get during their academic life. Although it seems a bit difficult to give a task and place to internees but eventually it happens that if all the organizations will combine think this way they will after sometime get already motivated, more enthusiastic, and a bit experienced employees. Also the existing employees should be sent regularly on training programs by the firm.

This should not be left to their choice but should be made compulsory to learn the upcoming challenges for the employees of each and every department of an organization. Few Public Sector Companies Doing Good Job Pakistan Software Export Board (Pseb) Pakistan software export board was established in 1995. It consists of the board of directors of Government, industry association and the private sector. PSEB leased 750000 square feet of IT enabled space for IT parks and there are plans to construct certain new parks. PSEB offer 100 different certifications in various fields of IT.

PSEB works jointly with domestic as well as international media to promote Pakistan’s IT industry. National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Limited (NESPAK) It is Pakistan’s premier consultancy company of Pakistan. The listing that consists of the top 200 consulting firms of the world has included the abovementioned consultancy company of Pakistan. In addition, Asian and African continent has considered this company as one of the top leading company in its sector. Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR): It has been established under the ministry of natural resources.

The main objective of this form is to maintain water quality and to provide water-monitoring services in Pakistan. Pakistan Physical Society (PPS) This society was developed in 1989. It has been observed that physics and research education has been promoted by the programs that have been implemented by the abovementioned company. In addition, the field of technology and industry has also been contributed by the promotion of awareness by the same company. Recommendations Life is another name of constant hard work, concerted efforts and untiring struggle.

We all wish to achieve success in life. We set certain loftier goals in front of us. And we go all out to reach our cherished destinations. People adopt different professions and fields of work according to their taste, interest, aptitude and ambitions. There are various people involved in different kind of businesses. The target before a true business is not only to earn money and amass all the wealth and luxuries of life. The first and most important quality needed in a businessperson is honesty and fair play.

He should abide by his words, provide the best possible service to his clients and deal with everyone in such a way that he maintains his integrity and credibility t all costs. To run a successful business along with other inputs it is very important to consider the main mechanism i. e. the staff working under a person, which is his team and strength. He should be friendly, understanding, flexible and sincere towards his staff. A businessperson should be qualified enough to handle all sorts of situations and hardships.

The art of negotiation and administration should be the identity of a person owning some business. The problems related to the staff members should be tackled rationally and logically without any mishap or bad deeds. To become a leader, one should never loose focus and keep eye on the big picture. Show Genuine Interest in Others Its human psyche that when some ignores you, you will become less concern about hum/her and when some one takes genuine interest in you all the focus and interest will naturally go towards that person. Every one needs a sympathizer, a friend, and a listener.

This very logical but useful practice to be a part of their life, as you have made them a part of your life by including them in your workforce. Now the whole responsibility of their performance also burdened on your shoulders. Be frank, go ahead and ask” are you upset today? ” this will surely create confidence in the employees for sharing their worries or hurdles they are facing in the workplace. Take a Look on Business Done In Recent Past Always take fresh summaries about the recent accomplishments. Never rely on past studies.

The report should be perfectly prepared without any flaws, with proper research and recommendations. Ask personally by the managers if assigned to operate individually in all departments. Keep an Eye on Lower Staff The lower staff is also a part of the daily transactions, dealings and the intermediate role in the big achievements and task completion. If not individually which is difficult at times due to lack of too much financial assistance, there should be at least a recognition to selective people from the lower staff annually. Welcome changes The changes and modifications should be welcomed.

If the newer technology, software, capital, technique or consultants will not become the part of your organization you will leave behind in the corporate world. Now days its so competitive that even every six months later we see a drastic change, new policies, new projects, new attractions and challenges. Be Happy and Satisfied Try to be calm, patient and happy all time. Keep a smile on your face. Greet people. Welcome them. Give regards. Ask about their little accessions at home. Finally you have motivated your employees in a best way! Conclusion Include people.

At the traditional kind of big corporations, people often felt a little disconnected. Each was just a number one of thousands, a human cog in a giant industrial wheel. There are literally hundreds of stories out there, told so often they have become legend, about disgruntled employees calling in sick or spending more time on break than at their desks. If a company’s employees feel that way, that company is poorly led. Its goals have not become their goals. No company can succeed in a situation like that. Successful leaders today involve employees in all aspects of the work process: design, manufacture, inventory, marketing etc.

leaders create teams and motivate their employees from all aspects. They don’t just issue orders from above. Leaders realize that the employees who actually do the work can actually make decisions. Certainly, employees who are engaged in real decision-making respond better than those who are not. People need to feel their contributions are important. Otherwise they will devote less than complete attention to the task at the hand. Make the project belong to the team. Let as many decisions as possible bubble up from the group. Invite participation. Don’t dictate solutions.

Don’t suggest that things be done a certain way only. The motivation factor is highly recommended to all the firm operating out there it has become an eternal part of the successful firms and works like a backbone. The more points will be pondered in this regard the best fruits of business will be enjoyed in future!


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