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To the Desk of the Executive Manager

It is my to my knowledge that the apparent lack of respect and ignorance shown toward my hard work has caused me to write this letter. I find it very difficult in knowing that my hard work has gone unrecognized. May I remind you that I have brought in unprecedented revenue to this company upon the very start of my employment within this organization. Although, I have not been pleased for quite some time now and have kept sealed lips on this situation, I must reveal my feelings in an effort to demonstrate my frustration and feeling of inadequacy due to the issuing of bonuses to all employees excluding myself.

Sir, I am asking for an explanation with regard to this situation, as my services cannot be compared to many other employees with the company. Some may not understand the compromising position I am in but I am sure you will understand that my service should be complemented as my colleagues or I will take it as my services will no longer be needed here. I am asking that you please review my request. Thank you. Signed, a concerned employee I believe that Dr. King’s statement, `I have consistently preached that

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nonviolence demands that the means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek` in para.

43, was saying that since the goal and purpose of the movement was to seek peace and equality from whites during that time period, nonviolent protests must be as peaceful and the goal blacks seek to obtain. Dr. King believed that nonviolence was far greater method through which equality would be gained because as a minister in the Church, this kind of values and morality is what he stood for. I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. King because violence begets violence. I would use the analogy of “an eye for an eye” and “a tooth for a tooth.

” Although Dr. King maintained peaceful marches throughout the South in effort to gain justice, he and blacks and some advocating whites were still beaten. Imagine if Dr. King had violently resisted from the police’s actions, the consequences may have been far greater than it was. The ends (results) should always be as good as the means (methods). This is a concept that many great philosophers held. Dr. King later on discusses the laws he believes to be morally right and otherwise.

One of the laws he mentions is the Supreme Court’s decision of 1954, which determined that segregation was outlawed in public schools. He explains within the letter that this particular law is morally right and just. He states that ordinances or legislature that promotes segregation is unjust and immoral due to the fact that he believed in integration. He also discusses the First Amendment, which gives citizens the right to peaceful protest. He believed his peaceful protest respected the law to the highest esteem. Also, anyone who broke the law should be ready to be legitimately punished under the law.

Dr. King also made mention of something with great meaning when he said that sometimes law is justified on its surface but in the administration of it is where the dilemma arises. There has been recent controversial legislature, which determines that a drug offender can be placed in prison for a long time. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, “for example, the most severe provision of these statutes requires that a person convicted of selling two ounces of a narcotic or of possessing four ounces of same receive a minimum prison term of 15 years to life.

” (“Mandatory,” 1999) I believe this policy to be cruel and unjust punishment. The United States government is allowed many violent offenders to be re-integrated into society with the fear of committing crimes such as murder and yet the nonviolent offenders may spend the rest of their lives in Jail. Although drug use is wrong, the policy speaks volumes in the inconsistencies with the justice system. Breaking the law is wrong at any cost, therefore, to justify wrongdoing is wrong in itself.

I would not pay the penalties of a law-breaker because magistrate law is the law of the land and no does not abide by the law should be punished. However, the severity of the punishment should be administered upon the discretion of whoever is enforcing the sentencing. Bibliography Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr. ]. (n. d. ). Retrieved March 27, 2009, from http://www. africa. upenn. edu/Articles Mandatory Sentencing Laws and Drug Offenders in New York State. (n. d. ). Retrieved March 27, 2009, from http://www. drugpolicy. org/library/f

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