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In the current world where environmental degradation is severely causing grave effects to the people around the world, as individuals who are living in the same earth we must be much responsible for all the activities and decisions we make which could create more damage to our mother earth. Reflecting on the situation of the environment, it is saddening and disappointing to see great changes in the environment most especially with the climate.

For so many years, scientists and some politicians had been probing the issues with regards to climate change; (O’Riordan and Jager, 1996; 1-4) however; no one believed that such could possibly happen. In the same time that studies are done with regards to climate change, the degradation of the environment is rapidly affecting different branches of the biodiversity, the atmosphere and the likes. The rapid degradation of the environment is known to be a contribution of one single element of carbon dioxide which excreted by different machineries available in different industries.

During the industrial revolution, different industries have utilized various types of machineries in order to have a higher and faster rate of production. These machineries have utilized power sources such as coal and fuel to generate power. Thus,

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such machineries emit carbon dioxide to the atmosphere which has also stimulated the degradation and changes that the earth is currently experiencing. Through the years of changes in the technologies the same emission is still present in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the most alarming information provided was the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, 1995; 1) Reflecting on the situation of the world, there must be changes that should take place in order to slowly lessen the damages that had been done. In analysis of the modern world it could not be hidden that cars have been able to invade the lifestyle of many people. In fact, cars had been the most important commodity that an individual must have in order to fully function and be progressive in terms of work.

Without cars many individuals will suffer from the difficult commute in different places. Due to practicality reasons, many people choose the best cars they could utilize in order to fit for the lifestyle they have. However the environment is already yearning for attention to stop the harsh activities that people are doing. In order to help the diminishing environment, one way to fully create a humongous change is to start manufacturing new cars that would not require using regular fuels which most cars consume.

One of the most active in creating new hybrid cars is Toyota Motor Corporation in which launched hybrid cars that uses other types of fluid as the only component utilized. These hybrid cars are not only eco-friendly but also an efficient way to save money on gasoline. Due to the increasing effects of fuel and its emissions utilizing water is definitely helpful for lessening the carbon dioxide emissions of millions of cars. In addition water is not an expensive product thus, any individual that have such car will save more money for other important commodities.

Toyota, a Japanese corporation which had been manufacturing cars has found new ways in innovating cars while helping the environment. Toyota Motors had been present in the vehicle industry for decades and it is still continuing to develop different ways to help the ailing environment and lessen the carbon emissions which is strongly affecting the atmosphere. Although Toyota motors have not yet launched all-environment-friendly cars, the manufacturer produced the Toyota Prius Hybrid (Toyota Motors, 2009) which has a different type of engine that is approved by the California emissions control standards.

The Prius Hybrid had been present in the market from 1997 which was only marketed in Japan. The car is available in gasoline or electricity (Wald, 2006). Though the car is available in gasoline, the engine utilized in this car is analyzed to be healthier than the usual emissions excreted by other cars. The technology of Prius Hybird truly surpasses the ability of other cars to have a healthier and safer environment for all. In addition to this, the vehicle assures the high percentage of lesser consumption of gasoline.

Due to the increasingly higher prices of fuels in the market, it is important that car manufacturers support budget conscious people in maintaining a quality car with efficient and reasonable gasoline consumption. Thus, Toyota has gone a long way in presenting people different products that would not only be beneficial for driving but also beneficial for the environment. The Toyota Motors have proven that it is a company that is not only concerned with monetary benefits of creating cars but it is also concerned with the earth we are living it.

Toyota sees it self as a global leader thus, it assumes its responsibility to protect the environment through the able ways it could take such as the creation of new cars and maintain green buildings (Liker and Hoseus, 2008, p. 208). Not only is that Toyota able to create products that are favorable for the people but they also taking the matter of environment a serious case thus, they made the Toyota Earth Charter (Toyota Motors, 2009;1-2) which addresses the issues of environment. The charter demands that the corporation as a whole would not cause negative environmental impact.

Thus the corporation truly knows the demands of time as well as the demand to have a sustainable environment. (Toyota Motors, 2009; 1-4) In a statement made by Fujio Cho, he said that the situation of the earth and the environment is not an easy task for Toyota to take. Various types of improvement and changes are required in order to attain the goal of sustaining the environment. Studies and analysis have made the realization for the corporation possible. Cho added that, “Environmental action is one of the most important issues that business must address.

However, they should not look at it as something negative; but rather, they should view it as a prime opportunity for continuing growth” (qtd. inLiker and Hoseus, 2008, p. 208). Reflecting on the statement given by Cho, it is very evident that Toyota is not a company that is demanding monetary growth for the company and its stock holders but a corporation with a social responsibility and influence that could change the current situation of the earth. Through the changes and challenges that Toyota is facing, it seems that change is a very good circumstance that it welcomes.

In conclusion, the environment is currently in the midst of downfall and disaster. Studies show that tons and tons of ice in the North Pole are slowly melting. Different types of animals are having a great difficulty in living and maintaining the cycle of life thus causing death and irregularity in the biodiversity. The weather is clearly affected by the changes of that atmosphere that climate is very much unpredictable even for scientist. Thus, the need for new technologies with cleaner engines and cleaner fuel is needed.

Through the creation of the Toyota Prius Hybrid and the great support the whole company is doing, climate change could be mitigated and given direct resolution. The assumed long battle against climate change would be lessened if many corporations will be aware of the social responsibilities they have not only for their consumers but for the world. Surely, the Toyota Corporation is able to address the needs of times and maintain their strong power and influence to the people. Truly, Toyota is one corporation that must be admired and supported by the people due to the grate concern it shows to the environment.

Thus, individuals must realize that the world is not only a play ground but a home for all of us therefore; we must be responsible and address its needs and demands. Individuals must take action in the situation of climate change through the skills and abilities they have in order to create a great change in the world. Bibliography O’Riordan, T. , and Jager, J. (1996), Politics of Climate Change, Routledge; New York. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (1995). Climate change 1995. Cambridge University Press, Australia. Wald, M. (2006). Still Miles to Go for the Plug-In Vehicle [Online] Available from http://www.

nytimes. com/2006/10/25/automobiles/autospecial/25battery. html? _r=1 [26 March 2009] Toyota Motors Corporation. (2009). Prius 09. [Online]. Available from http://www. toyota. com/prius-hybrid/. Liker, J. and Hoseus, M. (2008). Toyota Culture. McGrawHill, New York. Toyota Motors. (2009). Vision and Strategy. [Online] Available from http://www. toyota-europe. com/images/Chapter_1. pdf [26 March 2009]. Toyota Motors. (2009). Toyota Earth Charter. [Online] Available from http://www. toyotauk. com/main/download/pdf/European%20%20Policy%20&%20Earth%20Charter. pdf [26 March 2009].

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