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Training employees Essay


            In these days it is quite important that as an employee one is given the necessary training needed for the job before he/she is given the full mandate to carry out the job. In this case it is evident that Carl Robins who joined ABC Inc just six months ago did not undergo the required training so as to be familiar with procedures involved in recruiting new employees. This problem can be attributed to the Human resource department for failing to offer Carl the necessary training if that’s the case. The other option may have been that Carl was taken through the training but did not take it serious or he just ignored the whole training process. At the ABC, Inc there seems to be a major problem that cannot only be attributed to one cause but it is as a result of many factors that play together and bring up the current problem. From the first moment of the whole case there looks like there is a major problem in lack of coordination in majority of the departments at the ABC Inc.

The following case study analysis is aimed at offering a number of feasible solutions to the current

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problem and recommending one workable solution that can be adapted by ABC Inc to solve their current problem.  From the first time one gets to learn about the case presented it is evident that there is a serious lack of organizational skills at the institution.

            The major problem here is lack of plan; the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc has decided to recruit several new trainees without the necessary arrangements that were supposed to be made. This is evident in cases where he has posted some 15 new trainees to the operations supervisor, but the trainees do not have what is required for them to start the training. The major decision maker in this issue is Carl Robins, the campus recruiter for ABC Inc. His responsibility is to ensure that the trainees who are set to start training have passed all the necessary requirements. Lack of good organizational skills in an organization may lead to failure of that organization (Plato.acadiau.ca)


From reading this case it becomes quite clear that Carl did not receive the proper training for him to know the right procedure to be followed when recruiting new employees in this company. On the other hand it is clear that Carl is well skilled in his job because he has recruited fifteen new trainees though he has failed to plan for their orientation exercise. This problem cannot be wholly attributed to Carl but it is also an indicator of how reluctant the organization itself i.e. ABC Inc is in training new employees because if they weren’t reluctant they would have prepared early enough for the new employees.

The current campus recruiter for ABC Inc has been into this position for only six months but he has recruited several trainees in his first recruitment effort. With good organization this could have been done quite easily, but due to lack of organization it has brought about certain contradictions that did not use to exist in the organization. The organization has put requirements for trainees to meet before they start their training; these rules seem not to have been followed to the letter by the current campus trainer. The current situation has also been caused by lack of proper communication skills between the parties involved. The campus trainer in this case is supposed to request for training materials from the procurement department so as to know the number of trainees to pick.  Another important issue in this case study is the misuse of responsibility. This can clearly be seen in the current campus trainer who has hired trainees into the organization without ensuring that the trainees had followed and qualified for those positions. It can also be clearly seen that the campus trainer Mr. Carl is quite vulnerable to mistakes. Vulnerability is a flaw in information that can allow violations of a laid down policy or rule. Patchable and also known vulnerabilities can cost an organization a great deal of resources.(William,2006) Monica Carroll who is the operations manager also seems to note the lack of plan in the campus trainer and calls him to inform him of the requirements that were required for the new trainees, but Carl assured Monica that he would arrange everything. Another aspect clearly seen here is that or reluctance, Mr. Carl is seen to be reluctant in his work. There is also an aspect of lack of coordination in the case where Mr. Carl goes to check the venue for the orientation work but surprisingly he finds that the room had been booked by Joe from the Technology services for a new database software implementation, this clearly brings out the aspect of disorganization in Mr. Carl. The panic in Mr. Carl would have been prevented had he planned for the recruitment of the trainees in time and ensured that all the trainees had undergone the required process for them to be absorbed as trainees in the institution.


The major problem in this case study is that Carl who is a new employee of ABC Inc and has been working for only six months. During his first recruitment exercise Carl has recruited 15 trainees without considering the major problems that surround him which include the lack of the required experience in the exercise of recruiting and orienting new employees. Carl came to realize that the new employees had not filled the proper documents required when it was too late. The other tasks that had not been carried out regarding the orientation of the new employees included; reservation of the room where the process was to take place, carrying out of the required drug test and provision of the manuals required for the orientation. The other key problem is that Carl needed to first inform Mrs. Carrols of the number of employees that he wants to send to her because these employees will be working for her so that she could put the necessary resources into place in readiness for the new employees.


The first alternative that I would advise Carl to take is to first postpone the whole orientation exercise so as to create more time for organizing it afresh. He should also make a list of all the new employees that the company requires and attach everything that is required for each and every employee before the date of the orientation. He should also make a point of informing all the head of departments where he intends to allocate the new employees, so that they can make the necessary preparations. Carl should also write down what is required for all the employees before the day of the orientation. If he finds that a file for a certain employee is complete with all the details he should set it aside and instead concentrate on any file that is missing some of the required documents. The other thing that Carl needs to do is find out those employees whose files are missing some paperwork and make a point of contacting them or fax to them the papers so that they can update their files. (oppaers.com)   The other thing Carl ha s to do is to ensure that all the employees ready for orientation have been taken to the clinic for the required drug tests before the day of the orientation. Carl should also make sure that the materials required for the whole training exercise are available, such like policy booklets, training schedule and the physicals required. Carl should also make sure that he has booked the venue fir the orientation exercise before the date approaches and confirm with the right authorities. Because Carl is the one in charge of the whole exercise of recruiting new employees he needs to gain control over the whole situation. This may be done by first doing some brainstorming to make sure that he understands the whole exercise of orientation. Carl also needs to use time management to prioritize his very important task at this time. It is also the responsibility of the human resource department to make sure that when they hire a new employee he or she should be taken through an orientation before starting their real jobs so as not to have cases like the one of Carl.

            The above case has clearly shown the weaknesses that are in the ABC Inc company. It is clear that the company was not quite ready for the new employees because the required documents had not been prepared e. g the orientation schedule and the policy manuals.


Generally the proposed course of action that I would suggest would be to come up with a good training procedure for each and every employee who enters into the company before he/she is let into the real job itself. This solution should be adapted because each and every organization has got set rules and protocols on how it operates and therefore even if an individual has hands on experience of a very long time in another organization there is need to take him or her through the organization’s protocol.


William. A. Arbaugh, (2006), Windows of vulnerability, University of Maryland At College Park, 1st Edition, Maryland University Press


Oppapers (online) http://www.oppapers.com/essays/case-study-analysis/83610

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