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Training & Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has the good training program in place which effectively informs the different stakeholders in the company about their ethical responsibilities. The code of ethics is circulated to the employees besides being displayed inside the stores so that both the customers as well as the employees working in the organization must have a clear idea of how the company value and perceive ethics within the organization. Most of the training in this regard is being imparted in an informal way through on-job training. Monitoring

Under the US laws, Wal-Mart is required to follow and implement Sarbanes Oxley which demands rational and objective approach towards the ethics and corporate governance in the companies. For this purpose, Wal-Mart has different committees in place which monitor the overall progress of the ethical program of the company. The company has a audit committee which monitors activities related with the accounting disclosures of the firm. It has also in place compensation, nominating as well as governance committee which oversees the affairs related with the employment as well as other governance issues of ethical importance.

Enforcement Firm has in place, as discussed above the different committees which ensure the enforcement of the ethical guidelines of the firm. It is also important that the firm has to file certain statements to the SEC in which it discloses other critical ethical information. Conclusion On the whole, the firm has a good structure in place which ensures that its code of ethics is properly implemented within the organization and according to law.


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