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U.S. History; The Americans Chapter 12, Politics of the Roaring Twenties (Sections 1-3) Chapter 13, The Roaring Life of the 1920’s (Section 1-4) Chapters 12-13 Study Guide

Why did Attorney General A Mitchell Palmer launch a series of raids against suspected communists?
He believed that there was a communist revolution brewing in the U.S.
What were the mail goals of the Ku Klux Klan at this time?
harass any group unlike themselves, promote Americanism and driving Roman Catholics, Jews, and other foreign born people out of the country.
According to Vanzetti, what were the reasons for his imprisonment?
He’s a foreigner radical.
Why did Congress make changes in immigration laws during the 1920’s?
natives feel some immigrants are involved as communist.
What were the results of the Boston police strike and the steel strike?
Both were unsuccessful.
What were the reasons European countries were not paying their war debts?
The Fordney-McCumbe tariff prevented them.
What do Harding’s appointments indicate about his judgement?
Harding’s appointments indicate that he is capable of making good decisions but his decisions are sometimes bad ones.
Ohio Gang
The President’s poker playing cronies
What raised taxes’ on U.S. goods by 60%?
Secretary of the Interior Albert fall leased government land in California and at teapot dome to 2 private oil companies.
What was the impact of the automobile?
Cars led to paved roads, gas stations, motels, shopping centers. Gave mobility to rural families, lead to urban sprawl.
How did the use of electricity affect Americans lifestyles?
electrical appliances made lives of housewives easier; Factories started using electricity to power machines.
What are speakeasies?
secret underground saloons or night clubs that once inside one spoke quietly or easily to avoid detection.
Boot leggers?
The smuggler’s practice of carrying liquor in the legs of boots.
What are the beliefs of fundamentalism?
They believed that the bible was inspired by God and that therefore it’s stories in all their details were true.
What was the Scope trial?
A fight over evolution and the role or/ of science and religion in public schools and in American Society.
Clarence Darrow
Famous trial lawyer of the day to defend scopes.
an emancipated young woman who embraced the new fashions and urban attitudes of the day.
What is the double standard
A set of principles granting greater sexual freedom to men.
How did the growth of business and industry affect women?
Women broke stereotype by doing work once reserved for men such s flying airplanes, driving taxis, and drilling oil wells.
What did teens do in 1920’s
Study and socialized with other teens and spent less time with their families.
How did schools change during the 1920’s?
The teaching of immigrant children high school enrollment went up.
Charles A. Lindebergh
Made the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic.
George Gershwin
Merged popular concert music with American Jazz.
Georgia O’Keeffe
Produced intensely colored canvasses in New York.
Sinclair Lewis
first American to win a nobel prize in literature
Edna St. Vincent Millay
wrote poems celebrating youth and a life of independence and freedom from traditional constraints.
How did the influx of African American changes Northorn Cities?
tension escalate, less job opportunities and whites moved south.
What approach to race did Marcus Garvey promote?
Garvey left behind a powerful legacy of newly awakened black pride, economic independence, and reverence for Africa.
In what ways did whites of the Harlem Renaissance celebrate a rebirth?
through a spirit of self determination that provided a growing sense of both black urbanity as well s a foundation for the community.
prejudi9ce against foreign-born.
people who are extremist.
Armstrong, Louis
Famous Jazz era
Langston Hughe
best known poet
Paul Roberson
Major actor
an economy and political system based on single government ruled by dictatorship.
protestant christian movement granted in literal or non symbolic interpretation of the bible
Urban sprawl
the unplanned and uncontrolled spreading of cities into surrounding areas.
John Lewis
New leader of United Mine workers in 1919
John T. Scopes
biology teacher who challenge the ACLC to defend anyone who — evolution.
people who opposed any form of government

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