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Under What Condition Should Children Work Essay

The child labor debate has been persistant for a long time some advocate for child labor and other against it. Globalization has been identified as a factor that was lead to increase child labor. Child labor is very prevalent especially the developing countries. it is viewed as a form of child exploitation or abuse and is done especially to children from 15 years and below. A child exposed to it is affected in his/her mental, physical and social development. International labour organization (ILO) estimates that about 250 million children work on full time and part time basis.

It has been observed that multination corporations in the in process contribute to child labour. Such companies open up industries in the developing countries and since there are resser restrictions on labour issues they hire children. The industries in question are mainly on textile, clothing, leather and footwear. The working conditions under which children work are very poor. Most of them are rug-makers in poorly hit and ventilated rooms where they risk eye and lung damage.

The children work for long periods without compensation and with poor pay. Poverty that is widespread in less developed countries is the cause of child labour. Families have more

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children than they can afford to raise and sometimes parents are forced to sell their children as laborers. Their desperate situation of lacking the finances to feed and educate their parents income. If counties like us continue to import goods or products from countries where child later is highly practice then the vice will continue to thrive. ( ).

Most children who work do not view it as a form of exploitation but a means by which they can show responsibility to their families and relates. The real picture about child labour is not well known since labour inspectors rarely address the issue and therefore it receives little attention from the media. Although fingers can be pointed to developed countries that they are behind the increased incidences of child labour, the third world countries also have a role in it. Governments in LDC’S fail to create the appropriate programs to assist or give the children alternatives.

Lack of schools and policies to eradicate child labour cause increased child labour. Imposing solutions to 3rd world counties outside their context will not solve their problems. Differently counties have differed needs and should be addressed differently. Lack of political will in LDC’S ensure that policies well planned are not implemented. The impact of globalization is felt differently among countries developed countries produce quality products that are expensive while developing counties produce cheap goods and at higher risks.

Exploitation of the developed countries on the LDC’S is seen when they operate their risk-based industries in LDC’S and not in their mother countries. For instance textile industries linked with outbreak fires have reduced significantly in developed countries but increased radically in the LDC’S. The gap between the rich and the poor keeps rising as the developed counties exploit the LDC’S on their way up. Child labour can be helpful to children, as they will acquire some finances to buy food.

Some children can work in good environments like in good homes where they can learn the importance of education child labour will ensure continued poverty and can never be a way of eradicating poverty. This is because with the lack of skills the working child will grow in to an exploited, unskilled and thus poorly paid adult. The circle will continue, as he/she will lack the financial ability to educate his/her children forcing them to work. Due to lack of education they may ignorantly not see the importance of education and child labor will find its way in.

Most LDC’s do not offer free or affordable school education. This acts as a barrier for accessing education by children from poor families. Without education they lack skills to do any reasonable job and end up stealing or violence or violence or prostitution. Governments should ensure that they emphasize on the importance of education by for instance compulsory basic education. Altitudes and belies that child labour is a way of life by the poor children should be erased.

The general acceptance that child labour is okay as it is a means to service should not be internalized especially to children. If much labour can be successfully implemented. Discrimination against the lower class or the poor in society contributes to child labour. In most cases products made in LDC’S courtesy of the local level. This could be the reason behind the high exploitation, as they have nowhere to sell the products. They can only sell to them at the prices they dictated. Worker in such companies are poorly paid work for longer hours without compensation and in poor facilities.

LDC’S are the reasons why multinational companies are very rich. They exploit them to make a lot of money, which they use to make very expensive products. It is ironical that for instance micro-chips are made in LDC’S and those who make them can not even operate a computer big companies with big names claim of their success in ensuring that the world is a global village but all this is at the expense globalization has created a huge inequality in income between the LDC’S and the developing countries.

Multinational companies continue to emass wealth and income as the poor people in LDC’S keep living desperate lives where food on table is a hefty task. MNC,S use the cheap and readily available labour to maximumly exploit LDC’S resources to attain maximum wealth. Striking of workers in LDC’S to air their problems fells on deaf years as little is done. Children work to attain their basic needs like food clothing and shelter. In LCD’S they have large families that they cannot afford to raise.

The elder children join their parents in people’s farms or factories to earn a living. Some children successful when they are employed to caring families in such families they can break the mentary that they are destined to work to survive. Hunger can cause children in LDC’S to steal from those who have. Eradication of child labour without improving the economy by providing health facilities and educational facilities would do no good to such children. If they cannot afford food, clothing and shelter how will they afford school fees and medical care.

Disruption of peace would cause child labour this would occur when the families move from one place to the other poor families who had established themselves in a certain area find it difficult to adjust to another place. They would be forced in the search. Most children who work are the socially, politically and economically marginalized. Their desperate situations cause them to work to earn wages and buy the basic needs without work they would be forced to steal or beg on the street

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