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Understanding the American Promise Ch23

What was the purpose of the Dawes Plan, which was arranged by private sector diplomacy in 1924?
To remedy Germany’s severe debt crisis and end the French occupation of the Ruhr Valley
What was an unintended consequence of prohibition in the 1920s?
Increased lawlessness
What issue spurred the Scopes trial of 1925?
The legality of a state ban on teaching Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution
After the stock market crashed in October 1929, President Hoover responded by
asking business and labor leaders to join in a voluntary plan for recovery.
How did the Hoover administration respond to the World War I veterans who came to Washington, D.C., to ask for the immediate payment of their pension or bonus?
The administration ordered the U.S. army to forcibly evict them from their camp on the edge of the city.
The Five-Power Naval Treaty that emerged from the Washington Disarmament Conference earned President Harding acclaim for
preserving the peace without forcing the United States to join the League of Nations.
Which factor contributed to the dilution of women’s political influence in the 1920s?
Women came from all walks of society and held a wide range of political views.
Which of the following describes the membership of the revived Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s?
The KKK had a nationwide membership.
What sort of president were Americans expecting Herbert Hoover to be based on his performance as head of the Food Administration under President Wilson?
A successful president
What accounted for the massive growth of the American Communist Party during the 1930s?
Many Americans believed that capitalism had failed.
What did the Harding administration undertake to restore national prosperity in the United States?
High tariffs to protect American businesses
Which of these statements characterizes the Sheppard-Towner Act of 1921?
It was the high point of women’s political influence in the 1920s.
What accounted for the expansion of the Ku Klux Klan beyond the South in the post-World War I era?
It extended its targets beyond black Americans to immigrants, radicals, feminists, Catholics, and Jews.
What became of Herbert Hoover’s belief in the principles of self-reliance, industrial self-management, and limited federal government once he occupied the White House?
Hoover’s beliefs severely handicapped his ability to respond to the nation’s economic problems during his term as president.
How did white women who worked in service-sector industries fare during the Great Depression?
Women were not hit as hard by unemployment as men in the steel and automobile industries.
Which of these groups sponsored the Equal Rights Amendment in 1923?
The National Woman’s Party
What was the goal of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)?
African Americans’ economic and political independence
What did the outcome of the Sacco and Vanzetti trial suggest about the United States in the 1920s?
Antiforeign hysteria was rampant in many areas of American life.
What was the name of the plane that Charles Lindbergh flew in the first nonstop trans-Atlantic flight?
The Spirit of St. Louis
Which federal entity was charged with enforcing prohibition in the United States?
The Treasury Department
Who bankrolled the rapid growth of radio in the United States between 1922 and 1929?
Advertisers who wanted to reach prospective customers in their own homes
Which element of the American economy during the 1920s caused its fundamental lack of stability?
How did rural dwellers of the 1920s perceive America’s growing cities?
As a menace to traditional values
What was a consequence of the increased availability of the automobile in the 1920s?
New businesses such as fast-food restaurants and motels emerged.
Women who worked outside of the home in the 1920s
had more but still limited opportunities.
The scandals that plagued President Harding’s administration
touched the highest levels of government.
During the 1920s, American culture changed as old notions of frugality were transformed by
What was the purpose of welfare capitalism in the 1920s?
To discourage industrial workers from forming traditional labor unions
How did most whites who patronized Harlem institutions in the 1920s describe the neighborhood?
As a black ghetto with a lively nightlife
Which of the following factors proved to be Alfred Smith’s greatest vulnerability as the Democratic presidential nominee in 1928?
His Catholic faith
What was the result of the changes on the assembly line and in manufacturing management in the 1920s?
Much higher productivity and profits but only slightly higher wages
What did the presidential election of 1924, in which Calvin Coolidge defeated John W. Davis and Robert La Follette, reveal about American voters’ concerns?
The voters rejected the principle that the state should lead in protecting the general welfare.
What social change did the “speakeasies” of the 1920s introduce?
The sexual integration of a formerly all-male drinking culture
Which of the following describes the Scopes trial of 1925?
It was the first trial to be carried live on the radio.
How much of its value did the American stock market lose in the first six months after Black Tuesday?
85 percent
What were the “Hoovervilles” that sprang up in American cities during the early years of the Depression?
Makeshift shantytowns created by homeless and unemployed people
How did many Americans with small incomes satisfy their desire for consumer goods in the 1920s?
They opted for buying goods on installment.
How did the writers of the Lost Generation describe the United States of the 1920s?
As blighted by cultural vapidity and greed
Where did Democratic candidate Al Smith have his strongest showing in the election of 1928?
In the cities
President Hoover thought the American economy would recover more swiftly if he
helped big businesses financially.
Which of the following describes the focus of the Great Depression era’s box office hits?
Nostalgia and optimism about the future
What philosophy guided American foreign policy during the 1920s?
Rejection of Wilsonian internationalism with continued involvement with the world economically and politically
What changes did Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon introduce to the nation’s tax code in the 1920s?
A tax cut for the wealthy
How did the image of the “new woman” influence American society in the 1920s?
The image affected all women, even those who believed in traditional gender roles.
What was the significance of reporter H. L. Mencken’s 1925 obituary for William Jennings Bryan, which flayed him as a “charlatan, a mountebank, a zany without shame or dignity”?
Mencken’s attitude revealed the disdain urban people felt for country people and their values.
What characteristics defined the period Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover described as a “New Era” in 1920?
A new, freewheeling economy and a heightened sense of individualism
What was the essence of the 1928 Kellogg-Briand pact?
A pledge to renounce war
The nation’s repudiation of Wilson’s internationalism and its rejection of the League of Nations
did not mean a retreat into isolationism.
President Coolidge’s policy toward big business was to
use the government to help businesses, not restrain them.
Why did Americans like Herbert Hoover as a presidential candidate in 1928?
He appealed to morality
What was Al Smith’s largest vulnerability in the 1928 election?
His religion
What changed for Native Americans as a result of federal legislation in 1924?
Native Americans became citizens of the United States.

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