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Unit 11 Wildlife Agriscience

The anima being eaten by the predator
Animal with backbones
Animals that are able to survive without interference from humans
Area where plants and animals normally live and grow
Animals which have the ability to regulate their body temperature
Warm blooded
When one animals eats another animal the relationship is called

Ex. Hawk eating a mouse

When different species of wildlife challenge for the same food supply, nesting grounds, cover or breeding sires the relationship is called

Ex. Owls & foxes for mice

The relationship between two types of animals that live together for the benefit of both

Ex. Birds remove ticks from animals

The relationship between two organisms, either plant or animals, in which one feed on the other without killing it is called?

Ex. Wood tick on deer

This relationship refers to a plant or animal that lives in, on, or with another sharing its food, but not helping or harming it

Ex. Vulture cleaning up the kill of a bobcat

Hunting & fishing are examples of…
Using wildlife to do research…
Inspiration for artwork…
Aesthetic value
Pollination of crops
Raising pheasants for sale to a hunting preserve
When do farmers start paying attention to wildlife
Cause financial loss & crop damage
What is likely to happen to excess populations of wildlife during winter time
How can hunting be a benefit to farmers?
Sale of hunting rights to hunters
Name four species of wildlife that farmers could impact with good wildlife management practices
Deer, pheasant, rabbits, quail, squirrel
What are three management practices which can be used on the farm to increase wildlife numbers
1. Waiting until pheasants hatch to mow waterways
2. Leaving brush piles
3. Allowing crop residues to remain standing
4. Planting of crops that are attractive to wildlife
5. Providing water supplies during drought
6. Planting of shrubs and grasses in fence rows
Name the three requirements needed for wildlife in a forest
Food, Water, and Cover
Why is a habitat management an important part of a wildlife manager?
Loss of habitat is a major contributor to destruction or loss of a species
Why is it important to have various ages of trees in a forest?
More suitable habitat for squirrels and other forest species
Name 4 species of wildlife targeted by forest management
Deer, grouse, squirrels, and rabbit
Why is it important in times of overpopulation of a species to allow heavy hunting pressure or even starvation
Excess populations can cause the spread of disease and the destruction of valuable forest products
What management area has the biggest variety of wildlife?
The depth of water in a wetland should be how many inches or less
18 inches
Open water area should occupy what portion of the wetland
Name 4 examples of land that are considered wetlands
Bogs, swamps, marshes, and even shallow standing water
Name five examples of species found in a wetland
Pheasants, deer, bear, mink, muskrats, raccoons, ducks, and geese
What are the two general categories of stream management?
Cold and Warm Water
How can the fencing off of cattle from the stream improve stream quality?
Overgrazing can lead to erosion and silt and chemical pollution of the stream
What type of streams do trout like?
Fast moving, clear, cold temperatures
What type of streams do catfish like?
Sluggish and warm
What can be done to help regulate stream temperatures during hot summer months?
Leaving trees to shade the streams
Which can be more dissolved oxygen a stream or a pond?
Are the temperatures in stream or pond more variable?
Ponds because the water in streams are constantly moving
What two fish groups are the predominant fish in lakes and ponds?
Largemouth bass and sunfish
How does the overfishing of predatory fish like northern and bass effect perch or sunfish?
It allows them to overpopulate and then the fish get stunted
Name two ways to remove the unwanted fish in a pond
Drain and poisoning
Name a way to reduce the number of unwanted fish in a stream
Netting, poisoning, or electric shocking
Is the dissolved oxygen higher in warm or cold water?
Cold water
Name three examples of artificial nesting sites in wetlands
Wood duck houses, tires, goose houses, bird houses, and island surrounded by open water
Name four regulations that can be done to manage sport fish
Closed seasons, minimum sizes, limits, creel limit, and restricted methods of catching fish
How can lead shot cause death to birds
The birds eat the lead thinking it is grit and then the lead poisons the woods

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