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Unit Test Review

International governmental organizations
are able to operate in every country that is part of the group.
What is an example of a government expense that people are entitled to receive?
Social Security
Which of the following entities ensure that national security policies are carried out? Check all that apply.
the Department of State the CIA the National Security Council
Which is a tool used to implement economic foreign policy?
humanitarian aid
The primary way government raises revenue is through
taxes and borrowing.
How are independent executive agencies different from cabinet executive agencies?
They are more specialized.
A duty of the president is to head
the executive branch.
A temporary committee created to study an issue and make a policy recommendation is called a
task forcepublic policyparty platform
What role did US military action play during the Communist revolution in Cuba?
The United States trained and funded Cuban militants.
Read the example of a party platform:

We support electronic voting. We also believe in online registration: more citizens need to be able to participate in the election process.

What best explains the party’s primary goal?

get more citizens involved in elections
Regulatory agencies oversee the nation’s
The role of the president has evolved over time because
the needs of the nation have changed.
Who would the president most likely ask for advice about reforming labor practices?
a cabinet member
Regulatory policies protect consumers by
overseeing and limiting businesses.
Which does the office of the president do?
supports and advises the president
Which best describes how the federal budget is created?
The president proposes a budget and signs it into law after the House and Senate revise it.
Which is the best example of the process through which public policy is made?
Politicians identify an increase in accidents and give police departments money to enforce new speed limits on highways.
Businesses contribute to the government’s revenue by paying what kind of tax?
One of the goals of the war in Afghanistan was to
establish a democratic government.
Which best describes the European Union?
a trade agreement responsible for one of the world’s largest economies
Which statement about business regulations is accurate?
All businesses are subject to local, state, and federal regulations.
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