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United States economy

Productivity in terms of economics refers to the measure of output which is derived from the process of production per each unit of input used, it can be also be derived as a measure of engineering or technical production efficiency. Labor productivity is derived or measured as a ratio of output per every labor hour of, an input or the average output of every worker per every hour worked and this can be measured by use of price terms or physical terms.

There is a clear link between national income and labor productivity, when the labor productivity is high meaning that the out put which is produced per hour by every worker is high, the national income goes up since income is paid depending on the amounts produced, on the other hand if the labor productivity is low where per hour output by every worker is low, then the national income will be low.

Generally, this means that the increase or decrease in labor productivity simultaneously affects the national income level. The three paragraphs talks about men and women and income distribution. It says that females and the educated men are doing good apart from the male high school dropouts who are hurting, and therefore the government should cut globalization and technological change and focus on fixing education and the training systems.

However, paragraph two disagrees saying that women are closing the pay gap with men and out pacing then to get college diplomas but the productivity burst which was remarkable in last decades has not been shared with women and men in middle class meaning that income distribution was not equally shared between the people since the middle class got a small portion while the upper class consumed the bigger portion.

Women are seen to be doing better that men but not good given the productivity growth strength like it was the case between 1942 and 1973 , if men were as productive as women, then income would be high although the middle earners would still have a smaller portion (Russel 2008). The growth rate of the last decade was burst meaning that it was very high though it has not been equally shared.

As far as it goes, the men in the United States economy seem to be making more and the best than the women and the worst earners are the women workers. This is so due to the attitudes which was generated towards women in the previous years as they were taken to be weak and therefore could only hold the less paying jobs while the good and well paying jobs were secluded for men.

Women used to earn less than 60% of what men earned all year round until the early 1980s when the negative attitude changed and they began working in well paying jobs which were exclusively kept for men. Most of the few women with college degrees who were working in the 1970s were teachers but they have now decreased and their wage has raised where the 2006 census shows that they are earning 77% of the wage of a typical man (Russel 2008).