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US GOV Test 4 Chapter 12-17

The most important source of the Supreme Court’s caseload is

A.) its original jurisdiction
B.) its appellate jurisdiction
C.) instruction from the solicitor general
D.) the special master’s certification of cases for review.
E.) Congress certification of cases

The office of Management and Budget (OMB) is in charge of

A.) assessing the nations’ economic health
B.) writing the national budget to reflect the interests of Congress.
C.) planning out the national budget for the president
D.) providing long-term and high theoretical economic advice
E.) protecting the environment

What is the significance of the Supreme Court’s decisions in Marbury v.Madison.

A.) It articulated the doctrine of habeas corpus.
B.) It established the Supreme Court’s power to exercise judicial review
C.) It limited the influence and authority of the Supreme Court
D.) It established the doctrine of implied powers
E.) It established the principle of equal protection of the laws as the cornerstone of expanding civil rights

Which of the following is true about senatorial courtesy?

A.) Senators have final say regarding presidential judicial appointment.
B.) Senators of the state from which the candidate comes are consulted by the president prior to the candidate’s appointment as a federal judge.
C.) Senators rely on the expertise of their senators before approving judicial appointments.
D.) Senators consult with the American Bar Association before voting on judicial appointments.
E.) Senators poll their constituents before deciding on whether to accept a presidential appointments.

A plaintiff cannot bring suit unless he or she fulfilled which of the following requirements?

A.) Paid bail
B.) Filed an amicus curiae brief
C.) Appealed the case
D.) Hired a public defender
E.) Established standing to sue

Which Chief justice is best known as the head of an activist court?

A.) John Marshall
B.) William Rehnquist
C.) John Roberts
D.) Earl Warren
E.) Louis Brandeis

The committee system is more important in the House than in the Senate because

A.) the seniority system plays no role in the House and therefore committees must play a larger role.
B.) the Constitution mandates the type of committee structure in the House
C.) committee members are appointed by the president
D.) the House is so large that more work can be accomplished in committees than on the floor
E.) the majority party in the House prefers to give priority to the work of committees.

Which of the following statements concerning the Speaker of the House of Representatives is TRUE?

A.) The speaker is chosen by the president and confirmed by the Senate.
B.) The Speaker only votes whenever the House vote has ended in a tie.
C.) The Speaker is elected by the majority party in the House of Representatives.
D.) The Speaker must be at least 35 years of age.
E.) The Speaker must be endorsed by the Supreme Court because of the importance of the position.

On a bill with high visibility, members of Congress are most likely to vote.

A.) along party lines.
B.) according to their personal ideology.
C.) in a presidential coalition
D.) in keeping with the needs of their constituency
E.) according to the pressures of lobbyists.

The president’s constitutional duties include all of the following EXCEPT

A.) negotiating treaties
B.) granting pardons and reprieves in federal cases
C.) passing legislation
D.) appointing high-ranking federal officials
E.) executing the laws

After House committee reviews a bill and writes its report, the bill goes to the

A.) Senate
B.) appropiate subcommittee
C.) president
D.) floor for debate
E.) House Rules Committee

Permanent committees dealing with such matters as agriculture, finance, and foreign policy are known as

A.) select committees
B.) conference committees
C.) joint committees
D.) standing committees
E.) ad hoc committtees

All of the following are common steps to the passage of a bill by Congress EXCEPT

A.) introduction into both the Senate and the House
B.) referral to committees for recommendation
C.) presidential approval of committee recommendations
D.) House and Senate floor debate
E.) House and Senate compromise

The president of the U.S. possesses the constitutional power to negotiate treaties with other nations but the treaty is not considered final until which of the additional steps are talken?

A.) Congress votes to accept it by simple majority.
B.) Congress votes to accept it by a two-thirds majority
C.) The House Representatives votes to accept it by a two-thirds majority.
D.) The Senate votes to accept it by a two-thirds majority
E.) Congress votes to accept it by a simple majority and the Supreme Court declares it constitutional

The qualifications for members of the House of Representatives are found in Article 1 of the Constitution. All of the following are requirements for a House member ExCEPT

A.) must be 25 years old
B.) must be an American citizens for 7 years
C.) must be a resident from the state represented
D.) can be naturalized citizen
E.) cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms

The Constitution stated that the requirements for being president are all of the following EXCEPT

A.) obtaining a majority of the electoral votes
B.) having resided in the US for at least 14 years
C.) being a natural-born citizen
D.) being at least 35 years of age
E.) being a member of a political party

Which of the following institutions has the greatest impact on the economy?

A.) Senate Finance Committee
B.) Federal Reserve Board
C.) Office of Management and Budget
D.) Council of Economic Advisor
E.) House Appropriations Committee

During which domestic policy period was the concept of social security adopted as a major public safety net?

A.) Gilded Age
B.) Cold War
C.) Great Society
D.) Progressive Era
E.) Great Depression, New Deal

All of the following factors indicate that the United States has a mixed economy EXCEPT

A.) there is an established minimum wage
B.) the justice department can sue monopolistic companies.
C.) Congress sets tariffs on imported goods
D.) the federal government owns the means of production
E.) there is a federal minimum age requirement for employment

The formal writ used to bring a case before the Supreme Court is called the

A.) writ of mandamus
B.) writ of certiorari
C.) writ of habeas corpus
D.) writ of theocracy
E.) writ of court consent

It has been said that the general opinion of government is negative in the minds of many. The bureaucracy probably contributes by

A.) not tracking national problems
B.) not following Congressional and presidential directives
C.) existing far from the control of the public
D.) not providing jobs for the public
E.) being comprised by political appointees

One of the more controversial aspects of the “fourth branch” is that the agencies

A.) have both legislative and judicial powers.
B.) can change the scope of their own powers
C.) are cut, costing many their jobs
D.) do not help local economies
E.) are mostly staffed by minorities

The Congressional Budget Office performs which of the following responsibilities?

A.) It consists of a professional staff responsible for giving Congress budget projections and priorities and balancing the Office of Management and Budget priorities.
B.) It consists of Senators and representatives who keep watch over committee spending.
C.) It consists of members of the executive and legislative branches who eversee Congressional spending.
D.) It is made up of Congressional assistants who manage the spending of their superiors.
E.) It consists of membes of the state department who are responsible for overseeing Congressional spending.

Which of the following best illustrates the point being made in the cartoon above?

A.) The influence of presidents on the Supreme Court is limited because the Senate often rejects their nominees.
B.) The terms of Supreme Court justices should be reduced from their current forty years.
C.) Supreme Court justices seldom issue dissenting opinions.
D.) The opinion of the Supreme Court justices remain very similar over long periods of time.
E.) President can have an influence on public polity far beyond their terms of office.

Which of the following statements accurately describes the selection of the caseload for the United States Supreme Court?

A.) The U.S. Constitution spells out all of the categories of cases that the Supreme Court must hear.
B.) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has the authority to select the cases that the Court will hear.
C.) The Solicitor General in the Department of Justice determines the Supreme Court’s agenda.
D.) The Supreme Court if free to choose the cases it hears with only a few limitations.
E.) The Attorney General screens cases for consideration by the Court.

The largest portion of “uncontrollable spending” in the federal budget is designated for which of the following?

A.) Interest on national debt.
B.) Entitlement spending
C.) Defense spending
D.) Environmental programs
E.) Salaries of federal bureaucrats

The officials directly elected by registered voters are

A.) justices of the Supreme Court
B.) president and vice president
C.) Cabinet secretaries in the presidential Cabinet
D.) House and Senate members
E.) federal ambassadors

The Supreme Court’s jurisdiction encompasses all of the following situations EXCEPT

A.) a cases involving an ambassador
B.) review of a federal executive order
C.) review of a piece of federal legislation
D.) a Secret Service agent suspected of internal espionage
E.) a case in which a state is a party

The largest of the government corporations is the

A.) Tennessee Valley Authority
B.) Bank of the United States
C.) U.S. Postal Service
D.) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
E.) Environmental Protection Agency

The Federal Reserve Board has grown in importance because it

A.) attempts to control inflation by raising or lowering interests rates.
B.) has printed more money in order to reduce the deficit.
C.) can shut down trading on the stock market when the market drops below a certain point.
D.) influences the trade policy of the United States.
E.) can create new branches of the National Bank.

Supply-side economists urge

A.) government stimulation of the economy
B.) increased government spending for social programs
C.) increased government borrowing of money
D.) large tax cuts by the government
E.) an increase of the management of the economy by the government

According to Keynesian economic theory, increasing government spending

A.) threatens the economy by raising the federal deficit
B.) stimulates the economy by creating demand among consumers.
C.) does little to curb unemployment
D.) creates a supply among consumers and encourages them to save
E.) prevents the Federal Reserve System from managing banks

Which of the following is the Latin term for “let the decision stand,” the principle of precedent in the judicial system?

A.) En loco parentis
B.) Habeas corpus
C.) Writ of certiorari
D.) Pluribus principalus
E.) Stare Decisis

A progressive income tax can best be described as a (n)

A.) innovative form of taxation that incorporates sales taxes and tariffs.
B.) system of taxation that is considered more fair because it taxes all citizens at the same rate.
C.) equitable tax, because only those who are high rate consumers are taxed.
D.) tax where those with more income pay a higher rate of tax on their income.
E.) innovative tax, because as a person’s salary increases annually, his or her tax rate decreases, encouraging investment.

A fundamental source of power for the federal bureaucracy lies in its

A.) role in moving legislation out of subcommittees
B.) role in mediating interstate conflicts
C.) ability to convince Congress to fund most projects it supports.
D.) ability to mobilized public opinion in support of legislative initiatives.
E.) ability to set specific guidelines after receiving a general mandate from Congress.

A “concurring opinion” by a judge means that

A.) the judge supports the president
B.) the judge strongly opposes the court’s decision
C.) the judge agrees with the majority reasoning, but rejects their conclusion.
D.) the judge agrees with the majority’s conclusion but rejects their reasoning
E.) the judge has refused to write an opinion on the case.

During “midterm” congressional elections, how likely is the President’s party to increase the number of seats in Congress that it holds?

A.) Always increases
B.) Almost always increases
C.) Usually increases
D.) About as likely to increase as to decrease
E.) Less likely to increase than to decrease

All of the following are powers held by the Senate and not the House of Representatives EXCEPT

A.) the filibuster
B.) confirming Supreme Court appointees
C.) trying federal impeachment cases
D.) initiating all legislation
E.) ratifying treaties

The concept of judicial activism involves the

A.) Senate, in blocking court appointees that hold opposing political views to the majority party.
B.) President, in appointing only those judges who will interpret Constituion in a manner that supports the President’s core political beliefs.
C.) public, in picketing controversial decisions made by the Supreme Court.
D.) Supreme Court,in attempting to shape and initiate public policy with its case rulings.
E.) Supreme Court, in refraining from striking down acts of Congress or executive programs because those branches are elected and the Supreme Court is not.

Within the Supreme Court, the “rule of four” describes the number of justices needed to

A.) overturn previous case precedent
B.) confirm a prospective chief justice
C.) end the oral arguments of a given case
D.) agree to change in the numeric composition of the Supreme Court
E.) accept a case fro judicial review

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