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us history 2 chapter 15

Progressives had a strong faith in
A. the markets ability to solve social problems
B. Trusting politicians to serve the people
C. Science and Technology
D. Foreign Trade
Efficiency progressives believed that cities should be run by
A. city manager or commissioners
B. Mayor elected by the people
C. Mayor appointed by a party
D. City council elected by the people
In the Northern Securities Vs. U.S. case, the supreme court ruled northern securities
A. Violated the Clayton Antitrust Act
B. Violated the northern sherman antitrust Act
C. would be supervised by the department of labor and commerce
D. would be supervised by the interstate commerce commision
Wisconsin became known as the “laboratory of democracy” because
A. Consumer protection laws
B. Support for direct primaries
C. Efforts for woman suffrage
D. Antitrust laws
Alice Paul’s strategy alarmed many in the suffrage movement because she wanted to
A. Support Woodrow wilson
B. Start a women only political party
C. Use protests to force suffrage
D. Use violence to force suffrage
Socialists believe in
A. No government
B. Private ownership of business
C. government regulations of business
D. Government ownership of business
By 1920 the Interstate Commerce Commission had moved away from its original purpose and had started
A. Setting rates to help ensure railroads profits
Theodore Rosevelt warned William Howard Taft that tariff reform would
A. anger powerful business leaders
B. Anger progressives
C. Divide the Republican Party
D. Increase spending
Theodore Roosevelt tried to win the Republican nomination from William Taft in the 1912 election because he believed that Taft
A. Didn’t deal with trusts aggressively enough
B. Had failed to live up to progressive ideals
C. Couldn’t defeat Woodrow Wilson
D. Was too slow in pushing for tariff reform
The Underwood Tariff Act included a provision for
A. Negotiating tariffs with other nations
B. Levying an income tax
C. Starting a new national bank
D. Banning tying agreement
In general, progressives supported reforms that would improve the lives of
A. Business owners
B. Workers
C. Politicians
D. Commissioners
What was the main goal of progressive government reforms, according to the chart
A. To give industrialists more control over government
B. To give voters more control over government
C. To give U.S. industries a better chance to compete
D. Give the federal government more power over state governments
In the commission form of city government, policy is carried out by
A. Appointed officials
B. Elected officials
C. Mayor
D. City Council
The constitution originally specified that in each state U.S. senators would be elected by
A. The legislature of each state
B. The voters of each state
C. Majority party in each state
D. Leaders of the majority party
Tragedy at the triangle shirtwaist company led to
A. Child labor laws
B. Standards for safe use of machines
C. Laws against harmful fumes
D. Building codes requiring fire escapes
The laissez-faire argument for the best way to preserve public land was to
A. keep it under gov. control and not allow companies to use it
B. Keep it under gov. control but allow its use for land development
C. Sell it to lumber companies
D. Sell it to private indivisuals
The Payne-Aldrich Tariff
A. Raised tariffs
B. Imposed new tariffs
C. Cut tariffs significally
D. Cut tariffs hardly
Wilson believed lower tariff rates would lead American companies to
A. Go out of business
B.Form larger trusts
C. Invest in foreign companies
D. Improve products and lower prices
William Taft brought many times more ___ cases during his presidency than Theodore Roosevelt did
A. Consumer protection
B. Land development
C. Antitrust
D. Anti-labor
Progressivism was partly a reaction against ___ economics
A. Social Darwinism
B. Laissez-faire
C. Free trade
D. Conservation
What were crusading journalists who investigated social conditions and political corruption called
A. Reformers
B. Efficiency progressives
C. Muckrakers
D. Suffragists
During a coal miners strike in 1902 Theodore Roosevelt urged the union and owners to accept ___ or a settlement imposed by an outside party
A. Arbitration
B. Compensation
C. Deregulation
D. Negotiation
William Taft fired Gifford Pinchot for __
A. Impropreity
B. Insubordination
C. Temperance
D. Inefficiency
Commission Plan
Divides a city’s government into several departments
Allowed proposed legislation to be submitted to the voters for approval
Journalist who investigated corruption and scandal
Workers Compensation
Insurance fund financed by employers
Allowed a group of citizens to introduce legislation and require the legislature to vote on it
Movement for moderation or elimination of alcohol consumption
Richard A. Ballinger
Tried to open nearly a million acres of public land to private development
Ida Tarbell
Wrote articles criticizing standard oil

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