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a general belief that moderate reforms were needed to help end social disorder
the “progressive movement” was driven by:
feel that new measures were needed to promote social progress
after the depression of the mid-1890s, a majority of Americans began to:
young female workers died in the triangle shirtwaist company fire
public outrage against unsafe working conditions peaked when:
industrialists refused to resort to the subdivision of labor
all of the following are true about working conditions in the early 1900s except:
Irish Protestants
the immigrants known as new immigrants included all of the following groups except:
they viewed predominantly catholic and Jewish immigrants as threats to social stability
Americans of “old stock” sometimes disliked new immigrants because:
introduce religious ethics to industrialize relations
leaders of the social gospel movement sought to:
emphasizing a literal interpretation of the Old Testament
proponents of the social gospel believed all of the following ideas except:
raise the public’s awareness of social problems
the main goal of the muckrakers was to:
Christianity and the social crisis
which work of literature was not authored by a muckraker?
the gospel of efficiency
Theodore Roosevelt’s reform philosophy was closest to that of:
providing more autonomy for the factory
Frederick Taylor’s scientific management emphasized all of the following ideas except:
primarily represented skilled workers
the American federation of labor
organizing all types of workers from a wide variety of ethnic groups
the industrial workers of the world differed from the A.F.L. by:
fewer working women were choosing to get married
which of the following statements about women in the early 1900s is not true?
united working-class and middle-class women in one group
an accomplishment of the women’s trade union league was that it:
firing of female New York teachers when they married
firing of female New York teachers when they married
progressive reformers looked to…to gain ideas
a worldwide revolution by the working class
most American socialists did not advocate:
the move of progressives toward moderate reforms
one effect of socialists ideals being openly expressed was:
William Howard Taft
this republican incumbent was defeated in 1912 when his party split into progressive and tradition factions
Eugene Debs
creator and leader it the American socialist party, he got nearly 1 million votes in the presidential election of 1912
W.E.B. Du Bois
this black activist joined blacks and whites together in the civil rights movement that became known as the Niagara Movement
Washington Gladden
one of the first proponents of the social gospel movement, he proposed a move toward a profit-sharing economy rather than a wage-labor system.
Robert La Follette
this republican progressive from Wisconsin, along with Theodore Roosevelt, began the progressive revolt within the party before the election of 1912
Jane Addams
Chicago reformer and one of the founders of Hull House, she was also active in the Niagara Movement and the movement to end the horrors of child labor
Margaret Sanger
in outlets such as her magazine, Woman rebel, she argued that the use of contraception could be effective in te fight against poverty
supporters of the social gospel movement
all of the following groups or people opposed progressive social reforms except:
John D. Rockefeller ordered that striking miners, and their families, be shot and burned.
a peak of anti-union violence occurred when:
middle-class women
most settlement houses were staffed by:
Lawrence Veiller
a leader of the housing reform movement and a worker at university settlement was:
some poor parents who needed the extra income
reformers who focused in ending child labor faced resistance from big business and:
far less effective than social reforms passed in Western Europe
in general, American reforms that addressed awful working and living conditions were:
in public education
John Dewey and Jacob Riis were activists in the move to make progressive reforms:
women failed to follow-up on the cause she championed
all of the following statements about Margaret Sanger are true except:
managing to stop rural people from being drawn to urbanization
reforms in rural areas during the early 1900s achieved all of the following aims except:
they believed alcohol was a cause of poverty and many other social problems
many progressive reformers supported prohibition legislation laws because:
The Harrison act:
restricted the distribution and use of narcotics
prohibition went into effect in:
was limited to small numbers of progressive activists
in the early 1900s, the involvement of white reformers in the black struggle for equality:
adopting activist tactics such as rallies and political lobbying
changes in the strategy of suffrages in the early 1900s included:
gave women the right to vote
the nineteenth amendment:
the right if voters to have privacy in the voting process
reformers who called for use of the Australian ballot succeeded in getting:
suffragists won their first victories in the:
eventually turned to militant tactics
the women’s social and political union in Britain
defeating the two established parties and passing many social reforms
the accomplishments of mayor Samuel “golden rule” Johnson in Toledo, Ohio, included:
propose legislation directly to the electorate
use of the initiative allowed to reformers to:
provided for the direct popular election of U.S. senators
the 17th amendment:
women’s suffrage at the state level
as governor, Robert LaFollette successfully passed all of the following except:
they felt he was far too flamboyant and ambitious
why were Mark Twain and other critics wary of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidential style?
Roosevelt was much more aggressive in his use of presidential powers
a major difference between Theodore Roosevelt and the presidents of the gilded era was:
made it clear that he would not use his influence in labor disputes
when mine owners refused to meet with coal workers at the White House, Roosevelt:
using subsidies to bolster the failing standard oil company
major focuses of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency included all of the following except:
promoting an amendment to establish an income tax
Roosevelt’s accomplishments as president included all of the following except:
regarding how humans should deal with the natural world, Theodore Roosevelt can best be classified a/an
the federal government expanded it’s activities and responsibilities.
William Howard Taft’s support for the 16th amendment opened a period when:
the Republican Party split into two factions
during the presidency of William Howard Taft:
regulated monopoly
Woodrow Wilson’s new freedom rejected what he called Theodore Roosevelt’s:
William Jennings Bryan
who was not a candidate for president in 1912?
he built upon Roosevelt’s model of strong executive authority.
which statement best describes Woodrow Wilson’s style as president?
Jane Addams supported the…party in the 1912 election.
enacted an income tax
the Underwood-Simmons tariff act
federal reserve act
Woodrow Wilson sought to reform banking primarily through the
quickly became friendly to business
the federal trade commission
because Brandeis was Jewish and had issues pro-labor opinions
conservatives opposed Wilson’s nomination of Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court:
the…act was designed to decrease child labor

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