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US History Chapter 38 Review

1. When he became attorney general, Robert Kennedy sought to refocus the attention of the FBI on
a. organized crime and civil rights
b. communist spies and terrorism
c. political corruption and campaign law violations
d. illegal immigration and drug trading
2. When he took office in 1961, President Kennedy chose to try to stimulate the sluggish economy through
a. massive foreign-aid program
b. large scale government spending programs
c. a tax cut
d. reducing expenditures on the space program
3. President Kennedy’s most bitter confrontation with big business occurred when he
a. raised taxes on corporate business profits
b. refused to support compensation for American businesses’ lost investments in Cuba
c. Demanded that the American steel industry stop driving up prices
4. The essential purpose of President Kennedy’s promise to land a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s was to
a. restore American prestige in the space race damaged by the Soviet’s Sputnik
b. develop the possibility of deploying American weapons in outer space
c. engage in scientific and astronomical study of the moon and solar system
5. JFK’s strategy of flexible response
a. was an updated version of John Foster Dulles’ doctrine of massive retaliation
b. was used in his battle with the leadership of the steel industry
c. called for a variety of military options that could be matched to the scope and importance of a crisis.
6. American military forces entered Vietnam in order to
a. try to drive communists out of N. Vietnam
b. help to stage a coup against Ngo Dinh Diem
c. prevent Diem’s forces from falling to the communists
7. The Alliance for Progress was intended to improve the economic growth and democratic reforms in
a. Latin America
b. Africa
c. Southeast Asia
8. The Bay of Pigs invasion failed when
a. the Cuban rebel forces lost the Battle of Havana
b. the anti-Castro exiles were defeated by the Cuban military
c. the Soviet Union intervened to protect the Cuban government
9. When the Soviet Union attempted to install nuclear weapons in Cuba, President Kennedy ordered
a. the installation of nukes in Turkey
b. surgical air strikes against the missile sites
c. a naval quarantine of that island
10. President Kennedy’s alleged assassin was
a. Jack Ruby
b. Lee Harvey Oswald
c. Medgar Evers
11. President Johnson called his package of domestic reform proposals the
a. Great Crusade
b. Fair Deal
c. Great Society
12. With the passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution,
a. the United States declared war on Vietnam
b. Congress handed the president a blank check to use further force in Vietnam
c. the military was given the authority to use tactical nuclear weapons
13. The common use of poll taxes to inhibit black voters in the South was outlawed by the
a. Civil Rights Act of 1964
b. Voting Rights Act of 1965
c. Twenty Fourth Amendment
14. After the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the chief goal of the black civil rights movement in the South became to
a. secure the right to vote
b. end discrimination in housing
c. gain equality in education
15.As a result of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
a. whites left the South in record numbers
b. centuries of discrimination and oppression ended
c. white southerners began to court black votes
16. The Watts riot in 1965 symbolized
a. the still-troubled racial situation in the South
b. the rise of the Black Muslim movement in L.A.
c. a more militant and confrontational phase of the civil rights movement
17. The militant African American leader who most directly challenged MLK Jr.’s goal of peaceful integration was
a. Medgar Evers
b. Malcolm X
c. Fannie Lou Hamer
18. By the late 1960s, Black Power advocates in the North focused their attention primarily on
a. housing
b. school integration
c. economic demands
19. Some advocates of Black Power made the slogan the basis for
a. emphasizing African American distinctiveness and separatism
b. upholding the leadership of MLK Jr.
c. supporting a “back to Africa” movement
20. The Latin American nation where LBJ sent 25,000 American troops to counteract alleged communist influence was
a. Argentina
b. El Salvador
c. the Dominican Republic
21. Name the militant African American leader who most directly challenged MLK Jr.’s goal of peaceful integration
Malcolm X
22. By the late 1960s Black power advocates in the North focused their attention primarily on this
Economic Demands
23. Some advocates of “Black Power” made the slogan the basis for this
Emphasizing African American distinctiveness and separatism.
24. The Latin American nation where LBJ sent 25,000 troops to counteract alleged communist influence
Dominican Republic
25. Aerial bombardment in Vietnam had this effect
Strengthened the communists’ will to resist
26.1967 Six Day War intensified the Arab-Israeli conflict by doing this
Bringing the Israelis and Palestinians into direct conflict
27. The focal point of congressional opposition to LBJ’s Vietnam War policy was this
Senator William Fulbright’s Foreign Relations Committee
28. During the Vietnam war, LBJ ordered the CIA to do this
Spy on domestic antiwar protesters
29. The political challenge to Johnson’s Vietnam policies gained great momentum when
Senator Eugene McCarthy nearly defeated Johnson in the New Hampshire Democratic primary
30. The attempt to nominate an antiwar Democratic candidate in ’68 suffered a crippling blow when this happened.
Humphrey was scorched by the LBJ brand
31. The ’68 Democratic convention witnessed this
A violent conflict between police and anti war demonstrators outside the convention hall
32. Former VP Nixon won the ’68 presidential election by doing this
Exploiting Democratic divisions and appealing to moderately conservative law and order sentiment
33. The skepticism about authority that emerged in the US during the 60s came from this
Had deep historical roots in American culture
34. Name the three P’s that largely explain the cultural upheavals of the 60s
Population bulge, protest against Vietnam, and prosperity
35. The site of the first major militant protest on behalf of gay liberation in 1969 was
The Stonewall Inn (New York City)

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